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Beware the Lindas of March! Slenderistas spring forward and March towards a 7lbs loss

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BitOutOfPractice Thu 01-Mar-18 02:23:24

So, winter has us in its icy grasp as March begins but by the end of the month we will be lighter, warmer and, erm, slenderer!

Here’s a link to January’s thread

Come and join us on mumsets best thread™️

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Kikisdeliveries Thu 01-Mar-18 06:02:34

Whoop, it's a brand new month, brand thread and brand new start smile. Thank you BOOP thanks

slightlysoreboobs Thu 01-Mar-18 06:44:17

Hello, please can I join you? I’m on a crusade to lose a stone and you all seem lovely and supportive

Not2bObvious Thu 01-Mar-18 07:10:43

I’m in, haven’t weighed yet but will v shortly. Thanks for the new thread boop

Hoolahoophop Thu 01-Mar-18 07:43:54

Thanks Boop love your title thanks for the new thread. Here we go again. I'll be happy with no gains in March as it's going to be a tricky month.

BitOutOfPractice Thu 01-Mar-18 08:02:10

Morning all and welcome @slightlysoreboobs Welcome to THE best thread on mn ™️

I'm still in bed. Too chilly out there to weigh in the buff. It says it feels like -15 out there!!

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slightlysoreboobs Thu 01-Mar-18 08:09:32

Thanks Boop! I’ve been up since early on with the kids who are very excited to be off school again today. Weighed myself and I’m 9 st 0.2 (very accurate scales....)

I’ve been sticking to 1000-1200 calories a day and like someone said on previous thread, I remember doing that for a few days in my twenties, and I’d lose half a stone. Now I’m in my forties, I’ve done this for a week and lost about 1 and a half lbs. So unfair!! Still, it’s progress isn’t it.

HairsprayBabe Thu 01-Mar-18 08:20:54

Morning all,

Still 9.6 but had my biggest dinner in a week last night, so so cold here, feels like -13C with the wind chill apparently!

Not aiming for the full 7lbs this month, but a few more will take me down to ULTIMATE GOAL WEIGHT - UGW - (9.4 on a monday morning) I am thinking I will have to be 9 dead on a friday for that to be the case so maybe the whole 7lbs will be fine?

Size 12 jeans need replacing with 10's but I am putting it off for another few weeks until I am sure my loss is permanent. All other clothes are a 10, with a few dresses in an 8 - this time last year I was a 14.

Feezles Thu 01-Mar-18 08:48:56

Morning all!

Welcome Slightly, and thanks for the thread Boop. Hair, it is so lovely dropping dress sizes, isn't it? I've got bags full of size 10 and 12 clothes in the attic that I am just itching to get out again. I reckon I can take a look at the 12s once I get under 12 stone.

That's a little while off though - 1st March weight = 12st 10.4 (we like accurate scales here, Slightlysmile). So the full 7lb would be 12st 3.4, and that would be amazing - but also highly unlikely. We'll see what happens, but I reckon 4-5lb is more likely and I'd be really happy with that. My average for the week is currently running at 0.5lb, and I'd like that to be a bit better, so I'll be pushing on through the weekend. Fingers crossed! I'd really, really, really like to see 12st 9.something at some point before Monday!

Not2bObvious Thu 01-Mar-18 09:26:24

Managed to brave the scales (blinking hell, heating can’t quite qwell well the chill!) and I’m maintaining an average of 11st 3.2lb, down 1.6lb on last weeks average. I started February around 4lb heavier so I’m well happy. But it’s so hard to avoid the nibbling being stuck indoors, next few days will be a challenge. I have a treadmill but it’s across my garden in a freezing cold shed thing, needs must though! Blizzard due around 4pm here. Scary stuff

BitOutOfPractice Thu 01-Mar-18 09:56:10

I was less than a pound down in February but that's not too bad as I was away twice

I was on my wayto the gym but turned back. So glad I went yesterday now

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Feezles Thu 01-Mar-18 10:20:19

We have a treadmill too, Not - in our freezing garage. This kind of weather makes me glad I'm still injured and don't need to make any other excuses! I am such a wimpsmile

I'm hoping I'll be back running soon though - I had a saline flush of my dodgy tendon last week to strip out some unnecessary blood vessels that were (apparently) sticking it all together and potentially causing the pain I've been getting. So I'm back on the physio wagon again. It will be about 6 - 8 weeks before I know whether it has worked or not, so we should have glorious spring weather by then (ever hopeful!)

QuimReaper Thu 01-Mar-18 10:21:44

New thread! Thanks BOOP and welcome to our newest face boobs!

Now we've got the Kiki and Koko Show and the BOOP and Boobs Show for our cabaret cruise variety lineup grin

I've smashed it this week and I'm very pleased. My Fast Days have been actually sub 500 rather than the <mumble maybe 700? dunno> they've been for a while, and my steps have been 15K+ each day. I started it to combat the midweek socialising and minimise the damage and will keep it up until the weight's off, then maybe chill out a bit again and see how it goes.

Whether or not I'll even manage to leave the house in this is another question though. I actually had quite a nice walk yesterday, a few insanely cold blasts of wind but not horribly cold in general, and some lovely sunshine. It looks like today is a different story though.

Is anyone else drooling over that picture of sponge and custard in the sidebar (of the desktop site)? blush

Therealjudgejudy Thu 01-Mar-18 11:05:45

Hi all...Sorry I wasn't as active on the last thread, spent some time in hospital.

Anyways it's my birthday today and I'm back on it with a vengeance. I'm in Ireland in the red zone so I walked to the gym in the snow this morning at 7am for a deadly workout and then treated myself to a birthday hot chocolate to walk home with in the start of the blizzard. We all have to stay in our homes starting at 4pm so I plan to huddle up and enjoy some cake. Hope you all have a great start to the month grin

BitOutOfPractice Thu 01-Mar-18 11:17:33

Don't forget "MrQuim and the Lady Penis" for our cabaret bill.

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BitOutOfPractice Thu 01-Mar-18 11:18:49

Hello JudgeJudy sorry to hear you've been laid up but happy birthday to you for today cake

Weather is grim here too. The conference I was attending tomorrow in the West Midlands has just been cancelled

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BitOutOfPractice Thu 01-Mar-18 11:19:13

And well done to you Quimmy star

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QuimReaper Thu 01-Mar-18 11:20:17

Oh yes, I forgot about us grin Wasn't it "The Rt Honourable Sir Quim" though? <puffs out chest>

QuimReaper Thu 01-Mar-18 11:20:34

Actually, scratch that. I quite fancy outranking him.

QuimReaper Thu 01-Mar-18 11:21:04

Or maybe he can be Lady Penis and I could be the Rt Honourable etc...

Feezles Thu 01-Mar-18 11:30:10

I hadn't noticed the sponge pudding until now. Thanks Quim...grin

Hoolahoophop Thu 01-Mar-18 11:38:12

Happy Birthday Judge cake it's been snowing all morning here and the roads are white, so I've decided not to take the dcs swimming but to stay home and brave the snack cupboard!

I was 128.8 this morning. Not great but if is on her way so I'm hoping it'd bloat.

QuimReaper Thu 01-Mar-18 11:49:29

Sorry Feezles blush grin

QuimReaper Thu 01-Mar-18 11:50:37

Oh and happy birthday Judge you machine you - I can't believe you did a 7am workout in a Red Weather Warning on your birthday - that is commitment beyond anything I could ever dream of! cake and more cake for you!

lastqueenofscotland Thu 01-Mar-18 11:59:16

I'm dreaming of a nice hot chocolate and cream in this weather sad

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