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What are your tips for keeping your motivation up?

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Thislittlepiggy1 Mon 26-Feb-18 05:18:09

Now I'm not looking for diet tips here, more motivation tips.

I gained about 4 stone whilst pregnant and now baby is 6 months I really feel I should be getting back to my orignal size. I know what/how to eat to lose weight as I've done it successfully before but my problem is keeping at it and motivating myself to exercise.

What have been motivators for you?

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AmateurParents Mon 26-Feb-18 11:51:38

I found the hardest thing was getting off the sofa to go to the gym..! Once i was there I was fine! Things that helped me....

-Set out my gym kit ready so when I get in from work I put it on and go straight out.

-Make a small album on your phone of pics of you before (everyone has pics they look at and say 'oh i wanna look like that again') and when you feel unmotivated have a flick through

- Follow fittest trainers - I follow Emily Skye (she has literally just had a baby), Kayla Itsines, Joe Wicks. These three are really realistic and are great for motivating. I follow them on Instagram.

- Make a fitness promise and make it realistic. Don't say 'Im going to train 5 times this week', let's face it being a mum its not going to happen! Just stick with 2 - 3 times and give yourself a target of 30 mins one day walking on a incline, 20 min HIIT workout.

-There's a fab channel called Body Fit by Amy on youtube. She helps with postnatal exercises and has tonnes of other quick exercises you can do

- Let's face it models and other celebs did not get the bodies they have with no had work or effort. You need to go and get the body you want..!

Ski40 Tue 27-Feb-18 22:19:39

Back when the were showing that reality show about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, I would put it on and I swear I could not eat a thing for hours! Though in my defence I am double their age and have gone through 4 pregnancies so I was probably being too hard on myself trying to compete in any way. But yes, kidding myself that I could look like one of them made me be good at the time! I still have some pics in Pinterest for a bad day. Good luck x

lizadiet Tue 27-Feb-18 23:46:48

Burning calories to eat something

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