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Thin by Christmas! At least 5 stones to get rid of.

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glitterbiscuits Sun 25-Feb-18 14:15:37

I have to lose 5 stones. 6 would be better. My excess weight is not helping my health. It’s one thing to worry about how I look but it’s really holding me back now. I’m tired and achey.

I’m pushing 50 so I really ought to get a grip!

My plan is to generally be healthier and eat better, eat less and squeeze in some exercise. Which is tricky because I work really long hours.

I’m starting now. I ate a huge Belgian bun earlier while standing up putting shopping away. Things like that need to stop.

If anyone wants to join please feel free but I intend to post even if I just talk to myself.

If I’m successful I’m going to treat myself to new clothes for Christmas. I’m in elasticated waisted jersey trousers now, ugh!

MyVisionsComeFromSoup Sun 25-Feb-18 14:30:19

if I lose 5 stone, I come in at just sneaking into the very top of my healthy weight range. I hear you on the belgian bun situation, I've been known to eat biscuits while cooking dinner blush. And also my weight is affecting my health.

I'm trying a more drastic approach (total meal replacement) with the intention of dealing with the food issues that have got me here, without the distraction of actual food to comfort eat/deal with boredom/binge on. And then when it hurts less to do exercise, add that in (at the moment I can manage about 5 minutes of "old lady breast stroke" in the swimming pool, which is embarrassing blush).

In less than a week, I no longer need to upsize the size 18 jeans I bought before Christmas, it will take a bit longer to squeeze into last summer's size 16 though.

glitterbiscuits Sun 25-Feb-18 14:49:26

Hi Soup

I won’t be thin with a 5 stones weight loss. Just less dead.

I have been tempted by meal replacements but as I cook for the family and have an impressionable daughter I’m not sure it’s the right thing. I did it before and they would always ask ‘are you eating with us’ and it made me uncomfortable.

I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow.

I’m also good no to start looking after my skin etc. Generally try to improve every aspect.

ilovecherries Sun 25-Feb-18 16:17:09

Good luck, OP. I've lost 65 lbs from 1 Jan 17, and I was 59. I was determined that my 60s would not be the train wreck my 50s were. I am JUST starting to nudge the top of a healthy BMI, and I'd like to get comfortably towards the middle of the range, so at least another stone to go, possibly a bit more. But age/menopause/crappy thyroid etc (I have them all!) aren't a barrier once you decide.

cheesemumma Sun 25-Feb-18 16:33:01

Hi op.

I'm going to join. I need to loose 5 stone to get into a healthy BMI. I need to do it for my daughter. Also at Xmas I would like to try for another baby. I need to be healthy for that.

Let's do this.

I weigh in tonight at 16st 6lb 😩

glitterbiscuits Sun 25-Feb-18 17:03:40

@ilovecherries How do you feel now? What physical benefits do you think you have? And dare I ask about saggy skin? Thanks for saying it’s possible!

@cheesemumma -Yay! A diet friend. Never had one before and much cheaper than slimming clubs. A new baby must be a great incentive. I love babies!

I’m feeling quite positive that this could be a success. No rush to do it, no special events or holidays until the summer, no fad diets.

Myownwendyhouse Sun 25-Feb-18 18:13:06

My struggle is keeping it going. I do really well. And then bang I'm back to eating rubbish again. How do I keep this going. My new years resolution was to not have I need to lose weight for my next years resolution. I only need to loose two stone but it might as well be 6 stone the trouble I have.

ilovecherries Sun 25-Feb-18 20:04:06

Glitter, I am a new woman. I turned 60 earlier this month and feel better than I did at 40. I sleep better, I have much more energy, my gerd has disappeared and I haven't needed omperazole for 8 months. I have more mental focus. My blood glucose is comfortably within a normal range (I wasn't diabetic, but it WAS edging upwards). My blood pressure is now well within acceptable limits as well. The only downside is I've spent a fortune on new clothes! I feel so much better about myself, and for the first time in a long time, I have a sense of optimism. My skin has been remarkably forgiving. Inner thighs are the worst, but even they aren't awful, a bit crinkly but not sagging to my knees. Under my bum is also a bit crinkly, boobs are fine, tummy ok given I've had a couple of CS, old fashioned appendectomy etc. I even run three miles, three times a week (faint!)

cheesemumma Mon 26-Feb-18 03:00:16

cherries that's amazing well done. You are indeed an inspiration and proof it's possible.

Glitter I think it absolutely helps to have someone to do it with. I think my first challenge is to make it through today without cracking. Then this week. Small steps hey?!?

Hidingtonothing Mon 26-Feb-18 04:15:24

Can I join in please? I've only (ha!) got 4 stone to lose but it feels like a mountain to climb atm. My issues are portion size and liking the wrong kinds of food blush Also almost complete inactivity, depression has turned me into a sloth.

I'm slowly overhauling the family diet, DH needs to lose about the same amount, DD is a healthy weight but could do with more fruit and veg so that's what I'm focusing on, more good stuff and less bad basically. I'm using a smaller plate and making sure about half is veg so hoping that will help.

Activity is next, am finally feeling up to tackling the disaster my house has become so I'm hoping that will be a start, lots of lugging piles of stuff upstairs, bags of rubbish and charity stuff out and general cleaning. Trying to work up to a walk everyday (have become something of a hermit while I've been ill) and a local yoga class I spotted, it's a community initiative type thing so heavily subsidised (£1 a time!) in a place I can easily get to at a time I could make (which is a minor miracle) but I'm struggling to pluck up the courage to go, frustratingly hmm

Really inspired by your story cherries, hope we can all spur each other on smile

Movablefeast Mon 26-Feb-18 05:08:40

Have you seen Jessamyn Stanley on YouTube? She is wonderful, very inspirational and encourages everyone whatever your size and shape to do yoga.

Pittapatter Mon 26-Feb-18 06:02:52

Ooh can I join too?
Being brutally honest I need to lose about 7 stone! I am starting low carb today and it'll be fab to have some buddies along the way.
My GP told me I really need to lose weight as I'm 44, perimenopausal so it feels like it's now or never.
Good luck 🍀 everyone xx

makingmiracles Mon 26-Feb-18 06:41:47

Good luck everyone, I have similar goals, I need to lose about 9st shock I’ve been on the blood sugar diet since the beginning of Feb and so far lost 17lbs (had one disasterous week during week 3 after some bad news) so going in the right direction, just taking it 7lbs at a time otherwise 9st seems unattainable! Determined to be several stone lighter by summer and hope to be near my goal by this time next year!

glitterbiscuits Mon 26-Feb-18 06:53:35


I weighed in at 17stones and 2lb.

My DH is 6 feet tall and just over 10 stones!

Last time I weighed around the end of last year I was about a stone lighter. I am wondering if there is some pre menstrual bloat in the weight but I may be deluded.

Plan today is healthy eating, vitamins, drink more water and skin care.

MyVisionsComeFromSoup Mon 26-Feb-18 07:43:05

let's get through today, making good choices, and drinking lots of water smile. (and if a bad choice slips in, then start again, some good choices are better than no good choices).

One day at a time, one pound at a time.

snozzlemaid Mon 26-Feb-18 07:52:44

I need to do this too. Weighed in at 16st 13 this morning blushsad
I'm going to try using MFP again to watch what I eat. And i need to move more.

glitterbiscuits Mon 26-Feb-18 07:57:26

@ilovecherries Thanks for the encouragement. Your story is very inspiring.

FitBitFanClub Mon 26-Feb-18 09:10:19

I think it can be very off-putting to think about the whole amount you need to lose. You start to feel better even after a few pounds lost.

I've just passed the 2.5 stone mark and could do with another stone off too. The key for me has been to not make it too hard and therefore unsustainable. I've been following WeightWatchers and it's been fab for me. The key thing is identifying just how many calories or points certain foods are, and then you're horrified to think you'd waste time on them. There were small cupcakes out in the kitchen at work last week. It would have been so easy to think "oh, it's only a snack" until I pointed it at 14 points which is well over half my DAY'S allowance! I had a banana and a WW snack for one point instead. These small steps make a real difference.

cheesemumma Mon 26-Feb-18 09:54:51

@glitterbiscuits I'm in the same boat except worse. I am huge as I'm 6ft tall and nearly 17st, my hubby is tiny in comparison- 5 ft 10 and 9stone. He wants to put weight on! I always feel like the jolly green giant. But can't help who you love hey!!!

I did it though. I made it through lunch without cracking and eating too much. Sounds ridiculous but I always stop at lunch and then that's me for the week. I do. Once I start to get going and I can see a loss it motivates me.

My daughter is 1 an when I went into hospital to give birth I was 20st 6lb. Horrendous hey?! Twice my husband's weight. So I've lost 4 stone in a year. Keep going.

@myvisions couldn't agree more!

@snozzlemaid good luck! Hope it's started ok.

Good luck everyone first day on the count down to xmas

worriedsouth Mon 26-Feb-18 11:04:08

Please can I join? I need to lose 4.5 stones, my blood pressure is up and I have heartburn issues. I've already lost a stone just portion control and healthy eating but have ground to a halt a bit. I've signed up for WW online as my work shifts clash with local classes.

glitterbiscuits Mon 26-Feb-18 11:19:24

Ooh more people! Hello!


I’m not a breakfast lover unless on holidays. For mid morning I would usually eat lots of toast. Today it was fruit and a sachet of Spatone iron supplement.

I’m going to have eggs in some form for lunch and Quorn sausage and veg tonight. Walking Dead is back on TV tonight so I’m going to have Options hot chocolate if I’m having sweet cravings and maybe a yoghurt.

I’m also going to give myself a pedicure.

I’m going to look better and feel better.

My blood sugar and blood pressure were much too high but as I didn’t feel ill I’ve had my head in the sand about the damage I’ve been doing.

Im too much of a control freak to leave DH in charge by dying early!

mama2005 Mon 26-Feb-18 11:26:50

I’d love to join too please - coming up to 50, and need to lose around 4 1/2 stone. Thanks for starting this thread glitterbiscuits - and very inspiring to read your story ilovecherries. Love to hear in more detail how you have done it (and maintained)!

mrsmichael Mon 26-Feb-18 11:29:37

Hello can I join you? I'm doing slimming world and have lost 2 stones but have another 4 stones to go. It's overwhelming to think I have so much to lose but just thinking of a stone at a time. I'm a slow loser but feel much better already and have more energy. Luckily my DH is doing it with me so I don't have to cook fattening meals. Good luck everyone smile we can do this!

JennyOnAPlate Mon 26-Feb-18 11:34:26

Can I hop on too?

I've lost just over two stone since September but I have about another 5 to go. I'm feeling a lot less motivated than I did at the beginning and I need a boot up the arse!!

I'm planning to lose the next half stone by Easter weekend, which should definitely be do-able.

HolyShet Mon 26-Feb-18 11:35:53

me too. bit of a placemark for now
full disclosure later!

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