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Does SlimFast actually DO anything?

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tactum Fri 23-Feb-18 08:00:26

as in, does the product itself do anything to help you lose weight or is it just a calorie management tool? Not quite sure how to explain it better!
If it just restricts calories by replacing 2 meals with the drinks then surely its no more use than a calories controlled diet?
Apologies for stating the bleeding obvious (if indeed I have!)

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Marcine Fri 23-Feb-18 08:01:44

It's just calorie restriction, but contains vitamins.

2cats2many Fri 23-Feb-18 08:03:30

It is high in protein too so keeps you fuller longer.

Trialsmum Fri 23-Feb-18 21:30:55

It just helps you restrict calories, there’s no magical weight loss ingredient (although my dh seems to this there is 🙄). It’s really high in sugar too so, particularly at breaskfast time you can actually consume less calories by eating a normal breakfast!

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