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Ketosis diet and maintenance - strange question here !

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mooncuplanding Mon 19-Feb-18 12:31:49

I'm new to all this low-carbing because I have never actually been overweight - I've always just been in maintenance mode, counting calories. I have for years been watching my cals on MFP - 1200-1500 cals a day but was VERY high carbs - 40-50% a day.

I just started the keto diet, not specifically for weight loss but more because my energy levels were just so up and down, constantly tired etc. and the school of thought around a high level carb diet is that energy is reduced.

I'm not overweight, 9.5 stone/5ft7 so in my head I thought keeping the cals the same and reducing the carbs wouldn't necessarily give me weightloss.

I have done it for a week, 5% carbs every day, 60-75% fat and it is working on my energy and mental focus for sure which is what I was after, but I have also lost 1/2 stone taking me to 9 stone.

I am so fascinated by this. I have used MFP for years calories counting and have hovered around 9.5 stone the whole time which I was happy with. Now, the same calories but different composition has made weight drop off me.

I won't want to lose any more weight, but I do want to maintain the energy and focus that I have experienced already from the low-carb diet. Will the weight keep coming off like this if I maintain this carb level? How do you find the best carb %?

Any advice would be great - I am totally new to this low carbing and totally amazed it has bypassed me so long

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NeverUseThisName Mon 19-Feb-18 12:39:39

The energy swings in a high carb diet are due to sharp rises and drops of insulin in response to consumption no carbs. You could try adding some slow-release carbs to your diet, such as sweet potato or oats. They don't cause insulin to spike and crash.

Many of us have some degree of intolerance to wheat, whether to wheat protein or wheat fibre. By going low carb you are likely to be consuming far less wheat than usual. That could be another reason why you feel so much better on low carb.

mooncuplanding Mon 19-Feb-18 12:43:40

Thanks - yes - I have had no wheat at all and was a sandwich and toast maniac. My energy is so so so much better.

Sweet potatoes might do the trick :-)

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