Is anyone *not* weighing in?

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Santaibiza Thu 15-Feb-18 14:24:32

Hi everyone. I used to post on here a lot and lost a couple of stones but then life got in the way, weight went back on blah blah. (blast from the past but are Wombat and Didthistomyself still about? They were inspirational).

So I'm back.

I'm not weighing myself as I find I get really hung up about weighing day, adding in bizarre factors such as different underwear, have I had a poo, are the scales in exactly the same place? I've also always been heavier than I look and TBH I feel disheartened when my target weight would be the starting weight for others!

Shape wise I've always been large chested, big hips & muscular legs but in last few years I've started carrying weight on my tummy which I HATE.

Anyway, since mid-Jan I've been cutting back and have gone down a dress size. I'd like to go down maybe 3 more over the next 6 mths? I realise if a dress size is approx 10lbs/1st then it'll take me longer to have those buzzes that you get from a weekly weigh in but I think I'm OK with that and for me, it might be more effective to see long term progress than worry about 1 rotten day, or pms related swelling etc. I might weigh in now & then, but it's not my focus.

So is anyone else doing similar? How are you finding it? I've got a few outfits I'll use as benchmarks. What else do you do?

Mon-Fri I've been having very light breakfast (piece of fruit or some yoghurt), nothing for lunch (not as bad as it sounds - I can leave work earlier if I don't take lunch & eating lunch usually makes me hungrier?) then eating between 4 and 9pm - usually a fairly well balanced meal & a dessert, plus fruit. Possibly even a biscuit or snackajacks etc. I find doing this makes it actually quite hard to go much over 1000 calories a day.

Sat-Sun I tend to still have fruit/yoghurt for breakfast but a lunch too and I'm more relaxed generally. I've still been eating out too.

I'll probably dip in and out of other threads for tips & support but if any other Non Scales Victories (NSV) people want to join me here you'd be very welcome esp if you have some innovative ways of measuring your progress without scales!

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Strongbeatsskinny Fri 16-Feb-18 15:59:53

Take photos of your self front view, back view and a side view take it on the same day each month. You’ll see a difference as each month passes by.

Bluntness100 Sun 18-Feb-18 09:29:38

I never weigh myself. I just get all weird and obsessed about it and if it goes the way I don't want I get a bit pissed off.

I go with my clothes. So I have certain things I want to get into, and try them on periodically. Yesterday I posted about getting some jackets on that were previously too tight and they basically fit.

So my goal instead of a number on the scale is clothing. It's a longer term goal than daily or weekly weigh in but for me keeps the focus on.

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