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Picky eater

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cleowasmycat Tue 13-Feb-18 18:05:02

In both senses. I want to fitten up and lose a stone. I have zero time in the morning to make cooked in anyway breakfasts and I don't like any fruit so smoothies aren't going to work, or yogurt. I'm always hungry and love carbs.
I'm a single mum of a young daughter so I can't leave the house for more than 10-15 mins in the evening so joining a gym is out and I work full time!!
Is it impossible?
Feels like a lost cause. 😩

PinkChestnut Tue 13-Feb-18 18:16:00

I haveva couple of low fat calorie cereal bars, the alpen light ones and a banana for breakfast. Quick and easy!

Could you fit exercise into your lunch break? Either gym or a nice walk

PinkChestnut Tue 13-Feb-18 18:16:50

Some gyms have creches too so you could see if any near you

cleowasmycat Tue 13-Feb-18 20:05:15

I do elk for 1/2 hour at lunch. I'm not home til 6pm and dd is 9 so a crèche isn't viable. She needs dinner, bit of mum time, homework and bed!

cleowasmycat Tue 13-Feb-18 20:05:36

Walk not elk!!

Heartshapedfairylights Tue 13-Feb-18 20:49:13

I wonder whether you could do a fitness video either in the evening or by getting up half an hour earlier? I guess it depends on how desperate you are to lose the weight.

fishonabicycle Wed 14-Feb-18 10:10:51

Overnight oats are good. Or I just had a couple of slices of rye bread with smoked salmon (carried in to work with me).

fishonabicycle Wed 14-Feb-18 10:11:27

Loads of exercise available on YouTube. And walk at lunchtime, or as part of your commute

Veterinari Wed 14-Feb-18 10:16:45

30 day shred at lunch

cleowasmycat Wed 14-Feb-18 17:14:05

What's 30 day shred?

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