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How to keep motivated when you have a lot of weight to lose?

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springchickenn Thu 08-Feb-18 21:06:18

Hi everyone smile As the title says really. I've got 4 stones to lose. Just lost my first stone in January. I used to be slim and infact a marathon runner but I got injured and kept on eating like I was running 60 mile weeks. Then everytime I tried to get back running, I got reinjured.

4 years later. here I still am overweight. Every January I start counting calories (easiest way for me - although I've tried lots of other diets). But my problem is by July I am still overweight and when the summer holidays start and DS is off to stay at GP's or ExH... well I start drinking wine in the garden at nights and everything goes out the window. Then I put it all back on (and more) over the following months.

The good news is, my injury seems healed. I am running 3x3 miles a week. I had the idea to sign up for a half marathon and go back to running club to try and moonshot me over the summer holidays (can't be a lush if I'm training in the morning). I also am doing sober 2018 (or at least I keep recommitting each month - so sober jan is out the way and sober feb underway).

I am also doing Paul Mckennas Thin app on my phone. I am desperate to do something different this time! I am losing 1-2 pounds a week on average now water weight has gone. But I was just sat looking at how long it will take to get back to a healthy weight on the trajectory I am on ... Basically early next year and that's if I can keep it up. So I wonder if you have any ideas how I can keep motivated to see it through all the way this time?

Sorry this is long. Didn't mean to write my life story lol. I just think friends have had enough of me and my counting calories/running/injured sagas.

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