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Mutton dressed as lamb

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Kizzyma Sun 04-Feb-18 20:09:29

I have recently lost nearly three stone . I’m not bragging . It’s taken years to be motivated and scared of putting it back on . Anyway ... it’s my 50th and am having a party in a pub . It’s not a smart pub . I want to finally show off my figure but I don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb . I am a size 12-14 and want a dressy top and nice evening trousers or jeans . Can anyone help or send a link . I have no style . 😭

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mickeymacca Sun 04-Feb-18 20:48:02

Hi Kizzyma congratulations on your amazing weight loss. I love finding outfits! Tell me your fave colours to wear and also what areas of your body do you want to highlight and any you prefer to flatter... Ie tiny waist but don't like tops of arms that kind of thing. X

OneMoreFrog Sun 04-Feb-18 20:51:33 I like this top but I would wear with skinny shape fitting jeans like these,D35397117007462

Kizzyma Sun 04-Feb-18 21:06:21

mickymacca thank you x my arms and legs are slim . Still got a bit of a belly and like darker colours or black and gray x

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Kizzyma Sun 04-Feb-18 21:07:20

OneMoreFrog I like !! Thanks for taking the time x

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Annabelle4 Sun 04-Feb-18 21:09:15

Post on the style & beauty board and the ladies there will sort you out smile

Happy birthday and well done on the weightloss

Annabelle4 Sun 04-Feb-18 21:10:10

Kizzyma Sun 04-Feb-18 21:10:28


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Kizzyma Sun 04-Feb-18 21:13:09

Done x

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