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Starting LighterLife today

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user1468234673 Wed 31-Jan-18 15:59:30

Hi all,

Excited to get started with LighterLife after getting a code for free delivery. Wanted to try it for ages but couldn't commit to spending £100. I've purchased a starter pack so I can see what it's like.

Have you tried LL? I'd love to connect with you.

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scampiesandchips Thu 01-Feb-18 11:51:01

I've done it and it was the worst three weeks of my life. I was sold revolting products by a morbidly obese 'consultant' for a ridiculous amount of money. Yeah, I lost weight but I felt shite with it. It's no life. I packed it in, joined Slimming World and I'm now 3.5 stone down, at my target and keeping it off.

Different things work for different people and I genuinely wish you luck with it, but it's no magic solution.

Megsmcgoo Thu 01-Feb-18 12:08:24

It’s great for weight loss, I lost 8 stone in 5 months when I did it about 7 years ago when I was 23. I would exercise caution though, when I finished I was terrified to eat anything afterwards for fear of putting on any weight and a pre-existing eating disorder reared it’s head again. Subsequently lost 2 more stone and became very ill which is something I still struggle with now, although now at a healthy weight. Not lighter life’s fault but I did find little to no support when I had finished, probably my own fault though given my age and previous history. This was years ago though and I believe they have changed how they do things smile

Try and do toning exercises if you can, I found it helped with skin elasticity smile

Megsmcgoo Thu 01-Feb-18 12:09:03

I did quite like the packs actually, the Thai soup was my favourite!

Oddsocks15 Sun 04-Feb-18 08:39:18

user I’m considering LL so watching with interest

ChestyNutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire Sun 04-Feb-18 09:52:38

Are you going to classes with a counsellor?
That’s the most important bit to learn long term strategies.

I lost 6 stone and then put 9 stone back on.
It’s not a magic fix sad

Oddsocks15 Sun 04-Feb-18 10:12:48

Started looking into LL , closest group to me is 20 miles away, looking into phone option

noraclavicle Sun 04-Feb-18 10:17:54

Did some work with them years ago. Eye opening regarding this type of ‘diet.’ It may work for a very few people, but I can assure you it is not effective for the vast majority and the weight will go back on. You’d be far better off re-evaluating your real-food diet to start with. After all, that’s what you’ll have to do once you’ve finished with the plan, so why not just leave the plan out in the first place?

Moanranger Tue 06-Feb-18 23:49:20

I lost around 4 st with LL in 2008. Counsellor was awesome. I mainly kept it off, but then personal crisis ( messy divorce) caused me take my eye off the ball & to put much of it back on.
I tried the telephone counselling a year ago, but did not find it effective.
I have just started again with a local LL counsellor who is v experienced. I met her first & we clicked.
I suggest you meet the counsellor & see what you think.

ladybird69 Tue 06-Feb-18 23:58:44

It depends how much you need to lose. 1-3 stone fine. I lost over 9 stone over a year. It made me very ill over 12 months and all of my organs started to shut down and even afterward I went to SW and despite following the diet religiously I put weight on in just a few weeks ☹️ So basically I went from huge to acceptable to Ill and overly obese in just one year! Hindsight I would have never done it.

MHeyes24 Mon 12-Feb-18 18:21:21

I eat really well, stacks of fresh fruit and veg and home cooked meals. I had cancer 2 years ago and I've struggled with the change in my metabolism and about 1 1/2 stone weight gain since. 7 months of chemo, 8 operations and a tw&ttwd back for good measure. Back at the gym and nothing shifting. A friend put me into LL and while I've not bothered with the counselling and I admit the sachets are a tad rank, it is a working. Am 3 kgs down in a little over 2 weeks of doing it on a 5:2 basis. I think it's one of dip back into for a bit of maintenance but as my weight was static before I'm hoping that if I can shift another 10 lbs or so then I will be cool. Mx

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