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How does high fat, low carbs, work if you're a vegetarian?

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Petrichery Wed 31-Jan-18 11:45:34

Just that really. I applaud the idea, and can see it works really well if you are a meat eater and can have some chicken breast or a salmon fillet which will both fill you up and be healthy at the same time, but after I have a couple of eggs for breakfast I'm basically stuck with cheese as a 'high fat' option, and that can't be healthy.

I know everyone will say eat tofu and lentils, but I just can't like tofu no matter how many times i try (how many meat eaters are voluntarily eating it regularly instead of a meat option? that's how nice it is), and lentils are lovely in dahl or as a (small) part of a veggie stew, but those are not meals for every single day. And anyway, they are not 'high fat', if that matters. do you do this sort of diet if you don't eat meat?

TickleMcTickleFace Wed 31-Jan-18 11:53:24

Could you have greek yoghurt for breakfast and then have your eggs for lunch with avocado? For dinner I often have a spinach and chickpea curry or butternut squash and goats cheese bake.

TickleMcTickleFace Wed 31-Jan-18 11:54:35

Should say I do eat meat and fish but try and have no meat days.

HairsprayBabe Wed 31-Jan-18 11:55:48

I am a low-ish carber veggie and it is much harder IMO.

Eggs as you say are great, you can also go for Quorn substitutes, which I never used to be a fan of but since dieting I have gotten used to.

Some beans are higher in carbs than others, edamame are a good source of low carb bean protein!

Greek yogurt is high in protein, and is good at breakfast.

Low carb nuts like almonds and macadamias are handy.

A normal day for me
Greek yog (ff) and seeds for breakky
Leafy green salad either with cheese or eggs or a creamy dressing
Dinner could be omelette, veg curry with coconut cream, quorn mince chilli, or quorn fillets with veg...

not super exiting but have lost 5 and a half st!

RedPandaMama Wed 31-Jan-18 12:01:41

My MIL does this!
She's lost an insane amount of weight in the last year or so and looks amazing, I think it's over four stone but don't want to ask. She's a low carb high fat vegetarian and doesn't drink alcohol.

I know she has a big bowl greek yogurt with raisins, flaxseed and nuts for breakfast. Then lots of salads, boiled eggs, mixed nuts, low carb fruit, looooads of veggies, omelettes, cheese boards, avocado.

NameChanger22 Wed 31-Jan-18 12:04:25

To be honest it didn't work for me. I followed a low-carb diet for 8 months last year. I lost 8 pounds in total. I lost all of that in the first couple of months and nothing thereafter. I was very bored with the variety of food by the end of it and very put off when I stopped losing weight. In a typical day I ate:

Breakfast - mushroom omelette
Lunch - salad with eggs, cheese quorn or soya product
Dinner - chilli paneer and cauliflower rice or tofu and stir fry veg

I drank lots of water and sugar free squash, no tea, coffee or alcohol. Virtually no beans or nuts as these can be high in carbs. Very limited dairy.

Like I said it, didn't work for me. Calorie counting works slightly better, but it's difficult to deal with the hunger pangs, which you don't get low-carbing.

FurryTurnipHead Wed 31-Jan-18 12:08:41

I'm vegetarian and did the low carb bootcamp and it worked well for me. I didn't have quorn, as the aim is to stick to non processed foods. I ate Greek yogurt, berries and nuts for breakfast. Eggs once a day, Omlette, scrambled, egg mayo salad etc. Then one meal was veg heavy with something like a cheese sauce, like mushrooms in Stilton and cream sauce on a pile of cauliflower rice. I varied things over obviously but that was the essence of it. Curries too, saag paneer is a real favourite. I still eat this way most of the time now I have lost weight, with a bit of leeway for a few higher carb things such as pulses.

Ofthread Thu 08-Feb-18 21:41:26

Tofu Weiners are really nice!

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