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How do you all manage!?

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Hannabee123 Tue 30-Jan-18 20:42:16

How do you all manage to look good each day!? I see mums with full makeup and hair all done up, looking all well and I'm just there with a hat on to cover my curly undone mop and no makeup on and feeling like a grump with a 10kg pouch.
Morrison's should have charged me 5p for the bags under my eyes today.
My 4week old won't let me sleep or have a life. I'm desperate to feel good!!
I keep threatening to go out for a walk but it just never happens.
How do you all do it!? What is this sorcery or secret sad

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awankstainonhumanity Wed 31-Jan-18 09:43:16

4 weeks is too early. By 8 weeks I was almost back to normal with showering and make up etc. But then again, I'd got both down to a fine art time-wise pre baby.

The sleep did not get better though. Only now starting to feel a bit human in that regard, and baby is 2 years old!

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