Why do I feel guilty when I make a meal that taste like crap?!

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WorkingMumOnTheGo Tue 30-Jan-18 00:04:52

My OH is quite fussy with food at times, but he will eat what I make and then complains sometimes if he does not like it. I follow a dirt plan so everything I make is obviously low fat and lean but he likes everything cooked in oil, buttermilk, deep fried etc. I don't have time to cook two separate meals with a child in tow, working and studying. I made chicken tonight but unfortunately overcooked it and it was dry and I kept apologising for ruining dinner blush I don't know why I bloody do it 😂

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disneydatknee Tue 30-Jan-18 00:10:59

You are doing it wrong. I have been cooking diet meals every night for the last year and nobody has noticed the difference. Don’t pander to the deep fried crap. If he doesn’t like it, he can make himself something else grinI’ve seen loads of diet meals on Pinterest that I would love but never attempt because my husband wouldn’t eat it (like creamy food...low fat cream cheese substitute, he just would eat it). Always try for a healthier version of something they like.

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