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Anyone tried Libre Form 8 weight loss program?

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EdinaMonsoon Mon 29-Jan-18 17:48:46

Apparently it is a French diet program. I came across it mentioned in an online article where the writer was having a course of massage therapy called Remodelage (I was searching for info on the massage therapy itself having read that Trinny Woodall was also using the same treatments and was impressed with the results). The writer was recommended to follow this eating plan alongside of the treatment. It's impossible to find anything about it online other than an official website for the company - which doesn't really give anything away except to say that they create a plan specifically for you based on your current size/height etc and the amount you would like to lose.

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Ruggles Tue 03-Apr-18 16:32:24

Hi Edina - did you find out any more about this? I have come on to look up the same thing. smile

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