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Anyone tried Alli slimming pills?

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Oddsocks15 Sun 28-Jan-18 10:37:37

Please don’t flame me, l know not everyone agrees with slimming pills. I know that a low fat, calorie controlled diet is the recommended way to lose weight, I don’t need criticism about thinking about Alli or similar.

I need to hear honest reviews, good and bad of people that have tried slimming pills.

Thanks flowers

IndianaMoleWoman Sun 28-Jan-18 17:37:31

Ive used them. You absolutely must only eat low fat food or you may end up with fat leaking from your bottom! It never happened to me - the threat of it happening was enough to keep me on the straight and narrow, so I never cheated.

They did work, but I think I’d have lost weight anyway because of the low fat diet that you have to follow whilst on them.

Loveache Sun 28-Jan-18 17:40:52

My dad tried them. Shat himself and ruined the sofa. I wouldn't go there...

DontFuckingSayIt Sun 28-Jan-18 17:51:52

Yeah, they basically make any fat you eat leak uncontrollably out of your arse. And that's all they do, if you don't eat any fat they have no effect at all. I suppose they might act as a deterrent... but then, a fat-free diet isn't healthy anyway.

FanofFung Sun 28-Jan-18 17:55:46

Low calorie fat free is absolutely not the way to lose weight. It's old dogma that's been disproved again and again. Sugar is the way to lose weight. Cut it out and you will lose it.

juddyrockingcloggs Sun 28-Jan-18 18:10:50

I have used them, well to be exact I used orlistat from my GP which is double the strength. They work. I used them alongside serious healthy eating and there is a difference in using them and not using them.

However, as PPs have said please do t think you can take them and continue to eat normally because you will shit your pants.

My friend was getting married and used alli. All was well until she went on her hen do, got drunk, eat a kebab and shat herself in town.

Oddsocks15 Sun 28-Jan-18 18:50:38

rockingcloggs would you mind sharing a bit more about your experience with orslilat?

juddyrockingcloggs Sun 28-Jan-18 20:46:59

Not at all.

Due to immune issues I had to have steroids before and whilst I was pregnant and the weight gain with both the steroids and pregnancy in general was insane (IVF meds' didn't help either) - for me I was massive and I just couldn't shift the weight, I had gone from a size 12 to a size 22. I had done WW and Slimming World and was struggling to lose even a pound a week despite being on plan 100% for months. I visited my gp and without even any real thought from him he offered orlistat. I stopped doing Slimming World and instead ate normal family meals albeit in smaller portions and had 1 tablet after every meal (unless the meal was very low fat in which case there was no point). In January 2015 I was 17 stone by August 2015 I was 10st5lb. It does have the ability to deter you from choosing fatty foods because you obviously don't want to have to face the consequences and believe me they are not nice! It's not that you even get the chance to go to the toilet, you don't even realise you need to until it's too late and it's jut orange oil. But it does work and it's more of an additional help to proper eating. If you can lose weight easily without it then I would choose that option but if you have tried then I can't see anything wrong in trying these and seeing how you get on. They are not a miracle though and you will have to stick to the tried and tested eat less move more. Also, you need a multivitamin whilst you are taking them.

Oddsocks15 Sun 28-Jan-18 22:37:35

rockingclogs thanks for sharing, realise my next question may differ from person to person, but how soon after eating do the unpleasant side effects happen?! I’m just thinking that I don’t want to be “caught short” at work !! blush

juddyrockingcloggs Sun 28-Jan-18 22:43:51

You'll not be caught short if you're sensible but the thing is you won't know! It's not like needing to 'go' as you normally would. There is very little warning and once it's coming it's coming! But if you're sensible and not eat say a pizza you won't have a problem. Plus the alli that you can get from the chemist aren't as strong. I think they are 60mg - orlistat on prescription is 120mg x

Oddsocks15 Mon 29-Jan-18 07:31:53

rockingcloggs thank you so much for sharing flowers you are right Alli isn’t as strong as orlistat, makes me wonder if they are as effective. However I might try them until I pluck up the courage to make an appointment with the Dr. Could always take a double dose of Alli shock

spidey66 Mon 29-Jan-18 14:19:36

As well as being stronger on prescription, they're significantly cheaper. I'm taking them at the moment as I'm overweight and was really struggling before. I've got OA in my knees (and, I suspect, my ankles) and wanted to shift it while I'm still mobile.

The side effects are only troublesome if you eat a high fat meal. If you really, really want a ''cheat meal'' and it really is once in a blue moon, you can omit the tablet if you want to avoid the side effects.

I've lost roughly a stone in the past 10 weeks or so on them, which is more than I did before. I'm combining them with WW and upping my exercise.

PipGirl404 Mon 29-Jan-18 14:21:36

sorry I can't stop laughing at the image of people shitting themselves after eating pizzas

Truthspkr Sat 10-Feb-18 23:54:20

If you must take them then at least go the prescription route and save yourself some money and whenever you' re using anything such as pills a little medical advice can' t hurt.

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