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weight loss week starting 22/1 all welcome

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Springiscoming123 Tue 23-Jan-18 20:43:58

hi,all welcome and lets kick these wobbly bits into the grass

im nearly 47

size 18 need to lose 4 stone and hugely carry on my belly )look very pregnant) but am not

started sunday and am going to cut calories,up protein,lessen carbs,but not to cut altogether

i dont work and suffer from bi=polar and the meds make me very lethargic as they sedate so im gonna have to fight that one

im a junk/carb lover and last few days have had a crashing headache which im putting down to lack of sugar but food wise i have been good

Springiscoming123 Wed 24-Jan-18 10:26:48

headache has subsided thank goodness,not sure if it's body is use to lack of sugar or i had a coffee as i didnt have coffee yesterday but didhave 5 cups of tea and that still has caffeine

eaten 3 slices of chicken so far,high in protein no carbs as yet

kaz86 Wed 24-Jan-18 12:26:39

Thanks for starting this thread!!
I find no carbs at all really difficult, I think because I use to sub with eggs and can't now.

I'm 31, have 3 young kids 2 have autism so I'm a stay at home mum. I have pcos so I put weight on easy and dieting is a struggle as it's hard to loose weigh.
No carb diet is the best. I'm size 16, I really want to try for another/last baby at the end of this year however have a prolapse too so want to weigh as less as I can so the new pregnancy weight doesn't make it worse.
I also struggle to conceive need a healthy diet to help with the pcos so by dieting should totally help.
I comfort eat too..... I actually think I have food issues I'm a "emotional" eater lol.
I'm eating less at the moment but
I'm not doing no carbs I prob neee ideas. Lol.

kaz86 Wed 24-Jan-18 12:27:32

You hade done well how is the chicken filling you up?
I have had a belvita biscuit and a tin of Heinz soup :/ lol.

Springiscoming123 Wed 24-Jan-18 14:58:40

hi Kaz wow you have a lot going on,i know what you mean buy cant cut the carbs completley thats why im just gonna cut and not out i really cant bare the thought of all that meat and i kove sweetcorn and peas which is a big no no on no carbs

i dont normally eat anything in the day its at night but like you i think i have a emotional relationship with food

i know i have to kick start my body so will force myself to eat small things through the day,yeah the chicken is just right for me.i fell asleep so am drinking water and eating an apple

good i love them belvita,honey and milk are my favourites

no idea for tea,what about you?

my way in day is going to be a monday,will you have one?

Springiscoming123 Wed 24-Jan-18 14:59:42


Springiscoming123 Wed 24-Jan-18 17:56:30

well i decided to bring my dinner forward so have just had 8 yes 8 fish fingers and a 1 pot of Heinz beanz

i also have a vibration plate in my garage and done 10 mins of that,am trying to do that once a day

kaz86 Wed 24-Jan-18 18:45:25

Aww that sounds fab never heard of a vibrating plate!
Well I normally cook home made dinners which if fab except I cook for 10 and the kids really only eat chicken nuggets so don't eat what we do lol.
Not healthy 😂 but have decided to get Iceland ready meals as they are a good size portion, where I can't do good portions my eyes are bigger than my belly.
I have got a few slimming world ones too.
I have never dieted with ready meals. I doubt I will do it long I'm just trying to get my
Body use to smaller dinners.
I know last year when I dieted I make a slot of carrot and sweet poatato chips and courgetti and cauliflower rice. Which was all nice. I think I'm enjoying being lazy lol.
How do you not eat in the day?

Springiscoming123 Wed 24-Jan-18 19:05:54

cooking for 10 wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i salute you

yes i tried the burgers from slimming world last year and really nice,didnt like the paella/chorizo bleurgh

ive just never been keen on eating in the day but thats not good as i make up fpr it in the evenings

i end up cooking three differrent things for my lot apart from shepherds pie/chicken dishes/roast so not to bad

wish i liked cauli rice,only like if its smothered in cheese saucegrin

yes agree i have smaller portions now they were getting huge

so what food have you been eating today??

Springiscoming123 Wed 24-Jan-18 19:12:32

in case your interested Lidl do a low carb roll and its pretty good,high in seeds/protein,they are quite dark triangle shape and in the bakery,gonna pick some up tomorrow

hannahintheworks Wed 24-Jan-18 19:34:42

Hi ladies, I’m going to join you!

I am 27, 5ft 3 and 11stone 10lbs. I want to get down to 10 stone. I’ve got a 2 year old son and am TTC again so am cautious about going in hard on the exercise, I think diet will be key for me.

I am a chocoholic so that will be my weak spot! I have found this awesome free app called Nutra check Calorie Counter. It calculates your ideal number of calories to consume in order to lose weight, and then you keep your food diary on there and it tells you how many calories you have left for the day. I find it really helpful, especially when cooking from scratch as you can add your own recipes and work out the calorie content. Might help someone else too!

Springiscoming123 Wed 24-Jan-18 19:43:05

hi hannahintheworks your very welcome

chocolate certainly seems to be the devil for most of usgrin

what sought of eating plan are you thinking of?

Ellieboolou27 Wed 24-Jan-18 20:02:22

Hi can I join?

Like you spring I'm a nighttime eater, I can go with very little during the day but once the kids are in bed the floodgates open grin

I'm about 3-4st overweight, my youngest is 2 and I was 40 late last year, I am so fed up with being fat!

My trouble is I don't stick to at diet passed 7pm, this month alone I've tried meal replacement shakes, sw, MFP and Blood sugar diet, I just can't get beyond one or two days, I weigh daily and I'm just getting bigger as I binge at night!

I'm going to try again from tomorrow as I'm avoiding seeing friends as I've got so heavy

Springiscoming123 Wed 24-Jan-18 20:07:24

Elliecome on in and you have found your peoplegrin

yep we do sound very similar,same habits,same wanted loss

its really hard as the kids have their sweets/treats etc im sure its the same for you

how are you gonna tackle this eg slimming world/calorie counting etc

Ellieboolou27 Wed 24-Jan-18 20:28:47

This week I'm going to focus on not eating ANYTHING passed 7pm, once I've got into the new habit of breaking my night eating then I'll feel a bit more empowered to begin a plan smile

Ellieboolou27 Wed 24-Jan-18 20:31:56

I'm going to use my fitness pal and although it states I should have 1390 per day I'm going to do one week at 1500, I'm 5ft 4 and 13st 10lb I was only 12st when I was 9 months pregnant blush

Springiscoming123 Wed 24-Jan-18 20:49:49

that sounds like a plan,good luck it is so about making changes

its good to have a focus

MissingPanda Wed 24-Jan-18 23:13:04

Hi, I'll join too.

I originally started losing weight at the beginning of May last year. I was on another thread then <waves to Ellie> but it ended in August so I carried on on my own. I went from 15st 6lb to 11st 10lb on 18th Dec.

I weighed myself Jan 2nd and had put 3lb on. I lost 1lb the week after and maintained the week after that. Then I caught a cold and did nothing but eat for about 10 days and when I weighed myself on Monday I'd put on 4lb blush I'm hoping some of it will be bloat but I am finding it difficult atm so am hoping that by joining a thread it will give me the motivation to carry on. I'm hoping to get down to 10st 6lb eventually.

Springiscoming123 Wed 24-Jan-18 23:21:54

welcome Missingthats amazing and well done on that huge loss you must feel very proud

so you bit on a little bit,understandable if you have been ill and inactive

ive no doubt you will get to your target,any tips or generally feel free to give us some tips

MissingPanda Wed 24-Jan-18 23:40:25

Thanks Spring. Yes, I do feel proud of what I've achieved so far and that's what's keeping me going. The knowing that I can achieve the weight loss. This time of year is hard though. The weather means all I want to do is curl up in front of a fire and eat all the stuff that I shouldn't.

I haven't properly exercised for a long while but my job can keep me active, including going up and down stairs several times a day on some shifts. I'm hoping to join a gym shortly after next payday. I'm going shopping for some new exercise clothes next week because my old stuff doesn't fit me grin

Wrt tips, the best one I can think of right now is to keep going. If you have a bad day it doesn't mean anything more than bad day. Put it behind you and start the next day anew. I'm using MFP to calorie count. I try to come in under/on target each day but I also look at the week as a whole.

Ellieboolou27 Thu 25-Jan-18 07:54:42

panda hello big wave and smile, WOW your loss is AMAZING I'm so inspired by you, I had a bit of a rough time towards the end of last year and have ballooned in weight. I really wish I'd stuck with you!

Starting My fitness pal again today I've set it to 1500 just for this week to get into the swing of it again.

Officially 13.8 this morning blush heavier than last May!

Springiscoming123 Thu 25-Jan-18 08:53:21

Have a good day everybody,of shopping so bit of walking involved bettet than sat on my bumgrin

Ellieboolou27 Thu 25-Jan-18 11:51:54

Thanks spring aiming for no eating after 7pm, and to stick to 1500 calories today, one day at a time, we can do it, make sure no treats ding their way into your trolley wink

Ellieboolou27 Thu 25-Jan-18 11:52:19

Ding? I meant find smile

MissingPanda Thu 25-Jan-18 12:50:01

Afternoon all and thanks Spring

Ellie I'm glad I've inspired you. That makes me feel good so thank you for telling me. Sorry to hear you've had a rough time but the fact you're still here shows how strong you are. You can do this.

I've been struggling the last couple of weeks. The time of year, the weather, a cold which thankfully didn't last too long but left me feeling drained haven't helped. Putting on the 4lb has made me realise I need support to keep going.

I've reset my goal on MFP. I put in Monday's weight of 12st 2lb and to lose 1lb a week. It's given me 1500 calories so slightly more than I was previously on to lost 1.5lb pw. I'll readjust it when I get to 11st 6lb and then again at 10st 13lb. I also want to tone up so will be joining the gym.

We can all do this if we support each other grin

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