Argh! I've got "happy fat".

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tendergreenbean Tue 23-Jan-18 13:57:12

In some serious need of some motivation/to be told how inexcusably lazy I'm being!

After DD was born, I ballooned from 140 to 256(!!)lbs in less than a year.
Thankfully, I whipped myself into shape and was down to 150lbs less than a year later. So from a size 22-24 down to a 10. I was proud/ecstatic/determined to keep it off.

Having managed to keep the weight off for a good 4/5 years, it's starting to creep back. I've gone from 150 to 165lbs in the last 12 months, and am now overweight again. After going from "morbidly obese" to a healthy weight range, creeping back into the overweight category has put me on a bit of a downer.

I know I've just put on weight because I'm in a nice comfy relationship, something I promised myself I wouldn't let happen again!
I also ran too much when overweight, so have arthritic knees. I was endlessly in the gym, but have used this as an excuse to stop using it.
My OH is a bodybuilder and PT so he eats about 5000 calories a day. I'm short and sit at a desk all day, so have a low TDEE and only need to eat about 1700 calories a day to maintain my weight.
The problem is, next to his huge portions, I never feel like I'm eating too much!
Looking at his humunculous pile of food makes my plate feel teeny tiny even when I'm overeating.

I'm just angry with myself - I lost loads of weight when I was skint single mother and could only afford a pure gym membership every other month. Could never afford shakes/supplements etc, and I would have killed for a PT.

Now I have a large and well equipped home gym, the free services of personal trainer fiancé, a cupboard full of shakes, supplements and meal plans.
I work freelance from home, so could really be in the gym most of the day.
Yet I'm putting on weight!

I've just dragged a desk in front of the recumbent bike, and am diligently cycling as I type this. Shamefully, I haven't been here in our gym for 6 months. Not once.

I need to sort myself out.
Please tell me how lazy I'm being!!

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