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Do I join SW

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Kez100 Mon 22-Jan-18 19:24:49

In November I was pretty ill and it acted as a wake up call. Since then I've eaten sensibly to lose weight, including Christmas, but I know it will slow down and get more difficult as I run out of meal ideas, so I'm thinking of possibly joining SW tomorrow night.

I've no idea how I've done so far as I couldn't face the scales but I asked my doctor to note my weight so I could find out one day.

Ive started walking at lunchtime but it's only a 1K distance so not very far. Better than nothing as a start though.

So do you recommend that I join? Ane experiences welcome. I suspect I have about 4 stone to lose currently.

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jmscp2015 Mon 22-Jan-18 19:36:11

I have 4 stone to lose as well. I joined last week and lost 7.5lbs of that already in my first week.

If you stick to it, it really does work.

I lost 3 stone before, then got pregnant and put it back on sad

I love it, some hate it, why not give it a go? There are free membership coupons in some magazines currently I believe?

Good luck whatever you decide to do smile

ALemonyPea Mon 22-Jan-18 19:47:55

I’ve lost 7 stone with SW, it’s a pretty easy diet and if you’re a big eater like me, it helps.

It’ll depends on if you’ve got the intention to keep at it though once you get to where you want to be weight wise as that’s the harder part. So far, I’ve managed it, apart from a few lbs on over Christmas that is, but who doesn’t put weight on at Christmas.

Kez100 Tue 23-Jan-18 07:15:56

Wow, what a loss!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to give it a go tonight. Face those scales!

Can you tell me, will my normal breakfasts fit the plan? Fruit, natural yoghurt, teaspoon honey and chia seeds. The other one I have is porridge and dates. I'd hate to give them up as they seem to be working for me (i used to not eat breakfast then snack too much)

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ALemonyPea Tue 23-Jan-18 08:02:47

Yes both of those would work. You’d have to syn the seeds, honey and dates, but the porridge would be a B choice. You get 15 syns a day, so totally manageable.

Kez100 Tue 23-Jan-18 08:23:39

That sounds do able then. My other meals are adjustable completely as I feed two other adults who will be quite happy to eat sensible dinners and lunches - and I definitely look forward to some new recipe ideas.

I hope I do as well as you in week 1 jmscp and have the stamina of ALemonyPea to see it through.

How long has the 7 stone taken you Lemony?

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FiloPasty Tue 23-Jan-18 08:25:32

Someone in my group has lost 7.5stone in 42 weeks, she looks amazing.
I think SW is very easy to follow, I’m trying to get back on it after Xmas.

namechamgeforteenadvice Tue 23-Jan-18 08:30:53

Eggs. The best breakfast food ever.

MrsDilber Tue 23-Jan-18 08:37:00

I bumped into a neighbour the other day, she looked amazing, 3 stones off with SW. I need to lose weight myself, but sw is not for me.

ALemonyPea Tue 23-Jan-18 11:01:08

Took 14 months, but I had a major operation during part of that where I didn’t lose for 6 weeks as was recovering.

Kez100 Tue 23-Jan-18 11:50:00

Very encouraging.

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Kez100 Tue 23-Jan-18 19:19:44

Well, I'm here. Found the place and group starts at 7.30 so waiting in car while earlier group leave. No turning back now. I'm going to have to face the scales and I've truly no idea what they are going to say. Still it will be what it will be. See you all later!

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ALemonyPea Tue 23-Jan-18 19:50:29

Good luck!

llangennith Tue 23-Jan-18 21:30:15

Good luck OP. I know many people who’ve succeeded with SW. I joined with two friends. We all only went to three meetings as we’re not ‘group’ people. BUT we’ve all lost weight by changing our eating habits and reading the books they give you.
One of us was shocked to find out just home many calories she was consuming in milky coffees and lost 18lbs in four weeks. One of us realised snacking was piling on the pounds and cut it out. Weight loss a stone so far. One of us realised that to lose weight she’d have to cut out all alcohol and wasn’t quite ready for that but has managed to lose 7lbs.
You don’t have to stick rigidly to their diet to lose weight.
Knowing you’re going to be weighed every week focusses the mind on better eating habits!

Kez100 Tue 23-Jan-18 21:32:53

The deed is done. 13.12, given myself a target of 10. Probably ought to be 9 at 5ft 4, but only ever been that when I ran and swam a lot and - much as I.hope to start exercising again - I'm way off that currently, so have given myself a slightly higher target.

Not a big fan of "circle time" or whatever it is but I can see lots like it and I guess you don't have to stay.

The lady that runs it is very inspiring and seems full of interesting ideas. Next week we can take in free foods to try.

So, it's week one. Until Thursday (shopping day) I have to work with what I've got. I think I shall be maxing my syns for a few days but on normal foods (not treats) just to use up my fridge stuff like smoked mackerel and salmon and normal dressings but I'll have it with large salads so will just have to drop all treats until I can restock on Thursday.

Thanks for the kick start. 4 stone here we come!

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