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5ft 2 and 10 stone anyone want to join me lose a stone?

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Funnyfishface Wed 17-Jan-18 23:47:48

I’m starting tomorrow. I will weigh and measure myself in the morning and plan to log my weight here weekly.
I would love it if you would join me.
Who’s in?

ChangingStates Thu 18-Jan-18 00:10:08

5ft5 and 10st10, love to lose a stone and a half but willpower low and wine is my friend! Will hope to get my shit together and join you. When’s first weight in?

ChangingStates Thu 18-Jan-18 00:10:39

Ha, just seen tomorrow, ok will weigh in too

ooos Thu 18-Jan-18 00:57:07

I have to loose 23 pounds to be in the 'healthy weight category'. I lost 6 pounds since 1/1/18 and I lost a stone last year too.

I am calorie counting using an app (MyNetDiary). Also looking to get a Fitbit to encourage me to walk more.

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Thu 18-Jan-18 01:05:57

Sounds good to me! I’m 5ft4 and started a 1500 calorie diet a week ago. I’ve already lost 6 pounds in a week (omg!) but have plateaued at 127.8 pounds for the last 3 days. Not sure what that’s about...

ChangingStates Thu 18-Jan-18 07:39:24

Ok so I’ll be first to weigh in- so today this is my completely naked first thing in the morning, pre drink, pre food, post crap so as light as I can make myself weight..... 10st10 and 3:4

I have no diet plan except to avoid snacks, eat smaller portions and less cheese!

Funnyfishface Thu 18-Jan-18 08:50:27

Well done ChangingStates for being first

Starting weight this morning

10 st 1
Goal weight 8 st 10
Mini goals along the way 9.10, 9.5, 9st,
I am 51 and lose weight very slowly. - probably because I lie about what I eat.
I am 5ft 2 and still trying to prise my body into a Size 10. It doesn’t look pretty.
Hopefully with encouragement and laughs along the way we can do this together

pambeesley Thu 18-Jan-18 08:54:00

Me. im the same height and not sure of my weight but defo over 10 stone. At a guess I would think 10 1/2. Would like to get to 9 1/2 which would be a good weight for me as I don’t have the smallest frame.

FluffyMcCloud Thu 18-Jan-18 08:54:41

I'm 5 foot nothing and I weight 10 stone, I'd like to be 8 stone 12. 16lb in 16 weeks should be doable right?
I'm doing WW, it's taking its time to kick in but I feel confident it will...

I want to be 8 stone 12 by May half term!

Maturestudent82 Thu 18-Jan-18 09:17:11

Hi! Joining in if that's ok!

I'm 35, 5ft3 and started last week weighing in at 9 stone 10. I weighed in at 9.7 this morning, would absolutely love to get to 8.7.

I am not a hugely active person, but working on that. My downfall is junk food. I'm not a snacker but I love a McDonald's, pizza, chips etc. Also my portion size is out of control. I have a weight lifting 6ft5 husband who eats huge amounts, deservedly, and have fallen into the trap of eating big bowls of dinner too.

I really dislike my body right now, all the weight is around my middle. Am desperate to lose before going on holiday at Easter, would love to feel confident enough to crack out a bikini!!

Swearwolf Thu 18-Jan-18 09:23:33

I'm the same height as you but roughly 10 and a half stone. I'd love to get down to 8 stone 10 too, that's a comfortable (but still a little chubby, actually) weight for me. I'd be happy with 9 stone 3 though, so I'll aim for that first. Weigh in tomorrow morning smile

Swearwolf Thu 18-Jan-18 09:25:53

My downfalls are:
Not enough exercise
Butter and cheese
Extreme workplace hunger and lack of healthy snacks - I try not to take too much with me in the hope I'll eat less, then I get desperate and eat whatever I can find there. Limited kitchen facilities don't help.

NeverSurrender Thu 18-Jan-18 09:29:30

Me! I'm 5ft3 and about 10st10. I'll weigh myself first thing tomorrow to get an accurate weight. I'd like to get down to 9stone but I feel good below 10 so that'll be my first goal- 9st 10lb!

Maturestudent82 Thu 18-Jan-18 09:33:48

Oh butter and cheese! Definitely a downfall here confused

FluffyMcCloud Thu 18-Jan-18 10:00:20

Question, do you think weighing regularly is helpful? I weigh myself once a week (ish) at my mums (when I happen to be there) I don't have accurate scales here. Should I get some decent scales for home? Is weighing every day bad?

Maturestudent82 Thu 18-Jan-18 10:03:56

I weigh every day and sometimes I think it's helpful but overall I think I'd be better off if I did it once a week or so. Problem is I can't help myself, and then if there's no change from the day before I get really demoralised! I'm basically my own worst enemy.

beckymad1x Thu 18-Jan-18 10:08:20

5ft5 and 10 stone 10lbs.

Was 12 stone 4lbs Summer 2016. Would love to be 10 stone but the last bit is always the hardest! Find it so hard to get motivated and sitting on my arse in an office all day probably doesn't help either!

Bubblysqueak Thu 18-Jan-18 10:13:32

Yes please. I'm 5"4 and was 11st6 on new years eve. Managed to get down to 11 this weekend just gone but I've been poorly and put 4lbs back on i must ne the only person in the world to put on weight with a sickness bug

I managed to lose 3 stone and was 10st at my lightest last Christmas but the weight crept back on after a running injury made me give up running.

I'm looking go get back down to 10st as a maximum.

Think I've sorted what I eat I just need to find exercise that I enjoy and that I can do with my dodgy knee. Any suggestions welcome.

PorklessPie Thu 18-Jan-18 10:55:52

My people! I'm 5ft 3 haven't weighed but I'm guessing I'm at 10st. Would like to get down to 8.7 by the summer. I'm small framed with size 3 feet so need to shift this. I'm vegan and I swim a mile 5 days a week. Will weigh tomorrow first thing. Hopefully will be 9.7 by 19th February as we go to butlins for half term.

ooos Thu 18-Jan-18 13:12:02

@Bubblysqueak I had a sickness bug over Christmas and ate 1 slice of dry toast over the course of 5 days and gained 7 pounds. It was water weight because when I started eating again and drinking less fluid I lost 11 pounds. Give it a few days for the water weight to go and any bloating to go down.

My main struggle is having 'easy' food in the house. Stuff you can just take out of the fridge and stuff your face withblush when I have to actually cook a meal and prepare it ect I am very good at sticking under 1500 calories. On Tuesday I had nearly double that because I had been shopping the night before sad

And I don't buy 'crap food' no chocolate or biscuits or things like that, I just tend to make sandwiches ALOT.

Jane054848 Thu 18-Jan-18 15:34:17

I'm 10.5 stone and need to lose 1.5 stone. I'm a terrible yo-yo dieter but this last year I haven't even managed to yo-yo, I just stayed fat! I've started lots of diets that lasted 2 days. I tend to eat one bad thing or have a lardy social event that I can't get out of, and then give up entirely. Hoping that being on this thread will motivate me to keep going!

Maturestudent82 Thu 18-Jan-18 18:56:31

I did so well at dinner, made Thai red chicken with lentils and didn't eat any of the mountain of sticky rice I made for the rest of the family. However smugness ends there as I then ate a doorstop wedge of birthday cake. Argh! Why am I so good at self sabotage?!

fabulousfrumpyfeet Thu 18-Jan-18 19:01:03

I'm 5:2 and creeping up to 10 stone, my heaviest ever. I've had a careful week so hoping I'm no more than 9,7 tomorrow. Id love to be 8,7 but 9 would be a big improvement.

lou1221 Thu 18-Jan-18 19:01:52

I'm 5'1.5" and weigh the heaviest I've ever been, 11st4. sad I am in my early 40s and really want to get back to pre children weight of 9.3. Many moons ago I was 8.4, but tbh I didn't look healthy, too skinny. But now I look like a rectangle!

Funnyfishface Thu 18-Jan-18 21:42:36

Hey 👋🏽 Hi ya!

Great we have each other for support - naff that we are all in similar situations. However we are where we are. Let’s hope we never see these numbers on the scale again.

MatureStudent - I also weigh every day which isn’t productive but it’s a habit. In fact I weigh twice a day shock
I will log here every Thursday.

Fluffy - 16lbs in 16 weeks sounds like a fabulous goal.

Becky - I also sit in the office all day. And the weather does not make walking appealing. I have a trx training thingy at home. Hung it over the door then packed it away coz it looked untidy. Haha
I have looked at YouTube tutorials so that is my goal to start doing a routine at home.

Bubbly - what is your eating plan

Porkless - well done on your swimming

Ooos- my easy food is bread. Just bread. Dry bread. Haha can’t even be bothered to butter it. Takes too long

Jane - yep same here the yo-yo has stopped yoyoing

Fabulous and Lou welcome

What are your plans for dieting, calorie counting? 5-2? I’m interested to know what works for you.
I hope to increase my protein and reduce my carbs. I can’t restrict carbs too much or I end up going on a binge. Stick to around 1200 calories. I don’t drink alcohol but I love snacks.
I tend to do really well whilst I am at work then go crazy when I walk through my front door.

I look forward to getting to know you all

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