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Has anyone tried herbal detox teas ?

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roseannaleeXo Mon 15-Jan-18 17:24:16

Looking for herbal teas

Have you tried any that are actually beneficial to you or aid weight loss etc.
I am looking to buy some oolong tea but would like to make sure the one I am buying is proper

you know what the internet is like with all these claims etc

Let me know your experiences

I was looking at bootea but feel it screams waste of money when I can get similar stuff in boots. With our the brand hype.

Has anyone tried a tea called pukka herbal teas ????

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HermioneWeasley Mon 15-Jan-18 17:25:58

Tea can hydrate you and is lower in calories than a latte. That’s it. If they make you lose weight what you’ve got is a laxative. Save your money.

PinkTiger Tue 16-Jan-18 14:40:51

I've tried pukka detox tea but not as a weight loss aid just as a alternative to caffeine.

I really like it - it's very lemony and delicious - but like all of those things it's a matter of taste.

I don't think any tea can really "cause" weight loss. It may help because a warm drink is comforting and water can fill you up.

roseannaleeXo Tue 16-Jan-18 19:42:29

Yes that's what I thought, I don't want to buy into the gimmicky branded hyped up tea tox type things, and I like green/herbal anyway was just very interested in the Chinese teas.

I am going to try the pukka one out 👍🏼

Thank you x

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DancesWithOtters Tue 16-Jan-18 19:51:36

Noooooooooo stay away from the bootea!

Unless you enjoy having painful stomach cramps, spending an hour on the toilet in the morning and then nearly shitting yourself on your commute!

PicklingGherkins Tue 16-Jan-18 20:00:10

I've tried slimatea with the same results as the pp (much cheaper though)

roseannaleeXo Wed 17-Jan-18 23:04:39

I have just brought some green tea. I am not going to buy the branded hype teatox crap. After talking to friends using/used it. Thanks guys.

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roseannaleeXo Wed 17-Jan-18 23:08:07

@DancesWithOtters didn't read you reply fully Oh god poor you it must of been awful experience especially on a commute I would have been mortified. @PicklingGherkins thanks for the heads up defo not buying! The price as well hmm madness. Xx

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DontDrinkDontSmoke Wed 17-Jan-18 23:09:16


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