Hiit workouts effective?

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Mummyoftwo91 Sun 14-Jan-18 21:53:02

How effective are hiit workouts? I was looking at the body coach ones on YouTube and wasn't sure if it's going to be enough to help me loose weight

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superking Sun 14-Jan-18 21:54:12

I find them very effective but you have to really put the effort in!

Dizzybacon Sun 14-Jan-18 21:56:31

They do work but you cant be half hearted. The high intensity element should be between 20-30 seconds and you should literally be ‘hitting the wall’ at the end of the interval. Hiit shouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes, if you can go longer than this you aren’t working hard enough.

Mummyoftwo91 Sun 14-Jan-18 22:00:07

I really need to loose about 2 stone, I do go to the gym but I'm so lost at what to do! Hiit workouts look ideal, just want to be burning the most calories I can!

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Arealhumanbeing Mon 15-Jan-18 22:44:12

Make sure you’re eating properly, as in make sure you’re eating enough and choosing the right things.

Joe Wicks also explains the importance of good nutrition when doing Hiit.

My body coach Hiit sessions take around 25 minutes for 15 sets (when I get round to doing one) including a 3 minute warm up and cool down. 30 seconds hiit 45 seconds rest.

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