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VelvetSpoon Sun 14-Jan-18 18:26:40

I'm trying to lose (a lot of) weight. I cant face weighing myself but I probably have about 7st to lose.

I've done SW before. I don't want to do that again. I can't eat much fat due to gallstones. I'm trying just to moderate what I eat, cut out snacks, reduce my carbs (bread/.pasta), drink more (I only drink about a litre of liquid a day max) etc.

So breakfast and lunch. Atm i don't eat breakfast often. I can't eat until about 10am anyway. If I do have something it's normally toast (we have a canteen that sells breakfast items). And then a sandwich and crisps at lunch, meal deal type thing.

So I'm thinking of fruit for breakfast. Then Lunch I'm a bit stuck. I was thinking cold meat and salad/ pickles but not sure I want that every day.

I don't have anywhere to prep or store anything at work, other than a microwave which is shared between about 130 people. Any suggestions?

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Introvertpants Sun 14-Jan-18 20:42:54

I know you probably don't want to eat ready meals but the eat smart ones from Morrison's are all around 300cals and tasty with a good variety.
How about a stir fry for lunch with noodles? Homemade soup if time allows? Cooked chicken with salad and a nice dressing. If you are lazy like me then a decent cuppa soup with a small roll and fruit salad.
Breakfast wise crumpets are pretty low fat
Overnight oats or Greek yogurt with banana and berries?

LyraPotter Mon 15-Jan-18 12:01:02

For breakfasts how about a smoothie? They can be full of sugar but if you use a high-protein yoghurt like skyr then berries / banana / oats they'll keep you full and contribute to 5 a day. Thin with water to the consistency you like and take to work in a water bottle.

For lunch homemade soup is always a good option. You could also take ready made salad in a Tupperware - make sure it's something hearty like roasted Mediterranean veg to keep you full.

ppeatfruit Mon 15-Jan-18 12:54:58

If you think about changing what you eat e.g. don't have carbs and high protein at the same meal. also eat fruit on an empty stomach That helps a lot for health and weight loss too ( I cured my IBS doing that).

Look at your coffee normal tea and high sugar drinks intake . I take a bottle of water everywhere and drink mint and green tea no milk or sweetener\sugar. I also take an apple, walnuts and or pecans macadamias. With a rye bread sandwich for lunch at work ( I don't eat wheat either). pure rye is much easier to digest).

The above is fairly drastic, you do have a lot to lose, but if you also take a look at Paul Mckenna way of eating it helps your emotional attitude to food . And you never go hungry on it! grin

ppeatfruit Mon 15-Jan-18 13:01:07

Sorry I just read you have gallstones (nuts aren't brilliant for that !) Camomile tea is good for them !

PM says don't bother with weighing all the time too!

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