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I survived - only just!

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RosiePosiePuddingPie Sun 07-Jan-18 15:11:53

This weekend I went to two different social events and the tables were heaving with cakes and cookies, donuts and chocolates. My kryptonite.

As I stood there with a drink (and one packet of crisps, it has to be said), I realised that giving into temptation would not actually assuage my desire for sweets. It would simply give me the taste of it again and "feed the monster" as it were.

I know that some people can eat treats in moderation, but I am not one of them! It's all or nothing for me. Today I managed to avoid opening the floodgates. Tomorrow will be easier because I didn't eat any sugar/fat/carbs today.

It was hard, though.

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CrestedTit Sun 07-Jan-18 20:56:26

We'll done Rosie!

It does feel good to say "no" sometimes.

hidinginthenightgarden Sun 07-Jan-18 21:07:52

Well done! I officially start the diet tomorrow as we had a big family get together today but I have been making other differences and really cannot wait to shift some weight!

Raasay Sun 07-Jan-18 21:11:50

flowers. Well done you!

I find the more rubbish I eat, the more I want.

RosiePosiePuddingPie Sun 07-Jan-18 21:14:33

Social situations are the worst; when everyone's plates are piled high and temptation is everywhere you look.

I'm realising that the taste of it is never as good as the fantasy, if that makes sense. It's usually too sweet, leaves a weird film in my mouth, or an aftertaste. Plus I'd rather wear smaller jeans. My priorities are shifting!

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