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Giving up sugar in 2018

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Fabianthefabulous Sun 31-Dec-17 15:36:51

Tomorrow I am giving up sugar.

The plan is not to eat anything with sugar or sweeteners as an ingredient but I will be focusing on sweet tasting things, so will concentrate my efforts on foods with more than 5g sugar per 100g and not beat myself up if I eat a few savoury things with small amounts of sugar (eg crackers).

I am expecting my coke zero addiction to be one of the hardest things to stop but I want to loose the taste for sweet things not just replace sugar with sweeteners so it has to go!

Anyone want to join me?

I know there was a long running 'giving up sugar' thread from earlier in the year but I thought it would be good to have a new thread for those of us just starting (or restarting).

Would love some buddies or any advice or encouragement from anyone who has managed to give up sugar already.

JustTheTip Sun 31-Dec-17 16:07:40

I gave up sugar a few weeks ago and I feel great! Am hoping to keep it up over the year

kokosnuss Sun 31-Dec-17 16:15:32

I've given it up before, at first you will get to a stage where you think about sugar literally every 5 seconds. You become aware of the extent to which we're dependent on it and that kind of gave me the strength to carry on rather than making me give up. Then when you get past that, you'll suddenly not need it anymore. You'll look at a sweet thing and just feel nothing more than if you looked at a sausage roll, yes it would be nice probably but you don't crave it and aren't emotionally dependent on it. It's a wonderful feeling.

Unfortunately the last time I was derailed by my birthday (close to Christmas) and then Christmas. It's just such a deeply socially ingrained thing to eat a ton of junk for your birthday/Christmas. But now I've got a good 11 months to try it before any birthday temptation, so once the Christmas chocolates are done with, I think I'll join you smile

Blogwoman Sun 31-Dec-17 16:18:45

Not sure if this counts but I would like to reduce the amount of added sugar I eat. I don’t think I’m going for giving it up altogether, and I’m not giving up fruit etc. Can I join you on the sidelines?

Fabianthefabulous Sun 31-Dec-17 17:06:36

Blogwoman I am planning on still eating fruit - it is added sugar I want to give up, I probably wasn't very clear.
I am giving up fruit juice though - I am sure the orange juice I have been drinking almost every morning is doing me more harm than good.

Joinourclub Sun 31-Dec-17 17:09:55

Im giving up sweet treats/snacks rather than sugar completely. So no chocolate, ice cream, cakes, biscuits etc.

Jamboree05 Sun 31-Dec-17 17:13:09

I've given sugar up before and once i got past the initial cravings it was great.

I'll be doing this again from the 2nd and won't fall off the bandwagon this time!!!

NY6AM Sun 31-Dec-17 17:23:27

Hi All
My first ever post, joined yesterday, so little shy...
Definitely joining you on anti-sugar crusade. My biggest challenge is diet coke and sweetener in my tea/coffee. Tried stevia but it's quite bitter. Nutritionist recommended agave syrup as acceptable compromise. Not bad actually.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 31-Dec-17 18:00:45

I gave up on 29th. Had headaches on the first two days but feel much better today. I've given up alcohol too (because my 7yo told me I shouldn't drink so much blush) so double whammy.

I'm actually feeling much more clear headed already. I'm hoping that by the time I go back to worth on the 8th I will be bouncing off the walls!

Glowerglass Sun 31-Dec-17 19:26:25

I'm in! Once the Christmas chocolate is gone (and the DC working heroically on that front) there will be no more chocolate or biscuits in the house.

That will be the easy bit - body swerving white carbs MUCH harder!

Blogwoman Mon 01-Jan-18 13:40:39

How are you all doing? I had a close shave with a mince pie this morning but put it in the freezer rather than in my mouth! I've decided to write down what I eat, at the beginning at least. There's something about having to write it down that can make me resist eating something I shouldn't!

Fabianthefabulous Mon 01-Jan-18 17:33:08

I am doing ok so far, I did forget this morning and eat a slice of panettone, but it is all gone now.
I have not had any coke or orange juice or any of the Christmas chocolates that DH and DCs have been finishing off today and no sugary cereals for breakfast.
Back to work tomorrow, the first week of January is always busy and stressfull but sugar does not make it any less so!

I hope eveyone else is having a good day grin

juneau Mon 01-Jan-18 17:36:31

I am giving up sugar for January. I did it last year and felt really good once I'd got used to it, but the evil crept back in after that. I ate nothing with the added ingredient 'sugar' in it, but I did allow myself a drizzle of honey on my morning porridge (because it's disgusting without), and I do allow myself sweetener in tea and coffee. I don't drink much in the way of fizzy drinks.

Just wondering where you lot stand on alcohol. Sugar is added to aid fermentation, so wine contains sugar. It's just that I didn't have anything to drink last night and there is a bottle of chilled Prosecco sitting in the fridge ... grin

Dozer Mon 01-Jan-18 17:39:18

I would like to reduce sugary foods significantly, but not cut out “savoury” processed foods with it in as time to cook is a big challenge. I have dental problems and a higher than average risk of diabetes.

Will be good to have this thread!

Parapaparpar Mon 01-Jan-18 17:40:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dozer Mon 01-Jan-18 17:40:02

Alcohol doesn’t suit me and isn’t as much of an issue for me, but it’s pretty bad for blood sugar.

TheHoundsofLove Mon 01-Jan-18 18:01:10

I'm in too! I have realised that I am totally addicted to sugar and just cannot be trusted to eat sweet things in moderation.

Blogwoman Mon 01-Jan-18 18:49:38

Same here Hounds - I can manage no chocolate/cake/biscuits more easily than one of the damn things. I drink very little alcohol and don't add sweeteners to drinks. My main challenge will be (I think) my tendency to grab a chocolate bar on my way home from work. I'm a big grazer so finding sensible things to snack on will be key. I have eaten loads of salty crackers today...!

Parapaparpar Tue 02-Jan-18 07:27:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ateacupofgin Tue 02-Jan-18 07:42:43

Hi Para
Try oat milk, Oatly is I think the best. Beware the nut milks as those that taste best are loaded with sugar and oil.

Jacobsbread Tue 02-Jan-18 07:45:13

Hello... can I suggest rather than no chocolate etc that you work on keeping blood sugars steady instead. So rather than no chocolate have 1/2 squares of high cocoa chocolate...70% or more. You realistically start with good intentions but total deprivation is the easiest way to fall off the wagon. I am a long term sugar reducer. Other things to suggest is looking at high fat and pairing sugar with fats to keep blood sugar stable. It's the dips in blood sugar that lead to binging also. So snack on nuts, cheese and chicken etc. If you fancy a scone slather it in clotted cream.... it might sound counterproductive but the fats slow down sugar absportion which keeps you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer.

everyonesgotanopinion Tue 02-Jan-18 08:07:14

I'm in! I had cut back on added sugar before Christmas anyway and was reaping the benefits but the holidays derailed me a bit. So for minimum of January, I'm on it big time with no booze and no obvious sugars. If anyone can access amazon prime movies there's a brilliant film on there called 'That Sugar Film'. Really recommend it. Good luck everyone and looking forward to seeing how we're all getting on 😊

Parapaparpar Tue 02-Jan-18 10:38:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blogwoman Tue 02-Jan-18 19:24:27

I hadn’t thought about natural sugars in milk... Skimmed just as bad as Semi? I think this may be one I won’t worry about. I have resisted cake & choc today, despite both being in the office. So far so good. —May have eaten my own body weight in crackers though—

carrie74 Tue 02-Jan-18 21:29:26

I'm doing this too as I eat way too much sugar. Coming to the end of day 2, and so far so good, no temptations or headaches. Temper a bit quicker though blush.

My biggest issue I think is that I really enjoy some chocolate after meals, have a keen baker DD, socialising often includes cakes/biscuits. I don't really want to be the person not having an ice cream on holiday. So once I'm past the first couple of weeks, how do those who do this longer term manage? Only on high days and holidays? Just a couple of squares a day?

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