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What weight loss plan should I use?

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MaitlandGirl Thu 28-Dec-17 00:15:19

In 19 mths I will be a happily married woman (yay!) and I want to lose some weight before then. Ideally I’d like to lose 27kgs which will put me at the top end of the healthy BMI.

I’m 42, and can’t exercise much due to back and knee issues but I do have a treadmill and access to a punching bag and hand weights. I know I need to exercise more and eat less but it doesn’t seem to be that simple anymore sad

I’ve tried WW and it didn’t work, my weight literally didn’t move for 6mths after an initial 3kg weight loss.

I like a wide variety of food but struggle with bloating and stomach pains after milk (so weight loss shakes are out) and too much bread makes my stomach hard.

With saving for the wedding there isn’t a lot of spare money, so I can’t afford anything really expensive and I don’t have time for dieting classes.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a weight loss plan that should/could work?

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Jenala Thu 28-Dec-17 00:22:28

Low carb high fat (lchf). Best think I ever did. Come and see the low carb bootcamp board.

Look here for more info too.

I'm down 28kg so far. I'm never hungry, in fact my appetite has decreased but I eat whenever I am hungry without guilt, eat a range of food including more veg than ever and feel better than ever. I'll never go back to eating how I did before.

Jenala Thu 28-Dec-17 00:25:16

It's really worth reading the science behind it, available on the link above.

Basically insulin inhibits your body using fat for food. Eating high amounts of carbohydrates results in high amounts of insulin which in turn results in near constant inhibition of using stored fat as energy.

Eating low carb, moderate protein, high fat means your insulin levels get lower and your body can access stored energy (fat) for energy instead. Hence a decrease in appetite.

Honestly it's changed my life.

MaitlandGirl Thu 28-Dec-17 01:26:55

I had some blood tests done earlier this year and it came out that I was borderline insulin resistant. I asked at the time if this would influence my weight loss efforts but the GP said no.

I’ll def head on over to the board and have a good look and investigate it all.

Thank you so much for your reply smile

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Jenala Thu 28-Dec-17 08:25:10

You've absolutely nothing to lose from giving it a go (except fat haha). I was sceptical about doing another 'diet' but decided to just try it for 4 weeks and see what happened and how I felt.

It's such a paradigm shift it's hard to get your head around to start, as you do need to get a lot of calories from fat. But the theory behind it makes sense. I notice I am hungrier for a few days if I eat more carbohydrates than usual - presumably as my insulin is higher for a bit. Whereas about 7-10 days into lchf my appetite decreased dramatically. The key is to only eat when you are hungry which is common advice but not useful if you are hungry all the time! But lchf means I'm less hungry as high insulin isn't inhibiting my body from burning fat for energy.

beela Thu 28-Dec-17 08:53:15

I've lost 20kg in 2017 (less whatever damage I've done over Christmas!) by doing no-s. There's a website that explains it all, but basically it's no snacks, no seconds, and no sweets (desserts) except sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday. So just 3 meals a day, with occasional treats.

All of the £££ diets seem to be about special food and branded snacks. On no-s you can eat whatever you like as long as you stick to the simple rules. I was hmm at first but it does work and is about habits rather than food, iyswim.

beela Thu 28-Dec-17 08:59:38

That said, I have naturally reduced my carb intake too as I have found that I stay fuller for longer without carbs - especially bread.

FlightyMare Thu 28-Dec-17 16:15:05

Bridal Weightloss

I haven't actually done the bridal plan so can't personally vouch for it, but maybe worth a look..?

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