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What’s the chance of being prescribed Orlistat from my GP?

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I know Orlistat isn’t a “magic pill” and have actually worked in a weight management department but it always seemed hit & miss whether people were prescribed it.

I’ve weighed myself today & im fifteen stone. At 5 foot 6 I’m about 70 pounds overweight. I’ve never felt as lacking in confidence as I do right now.

I want to go to the GP and ask for this, and have checked out the NICE guidance & my weight does seem to qualify but I was just looking to see if others have been turned away or prescribed this?
I’d be so embarrassed to go & them turn my down!

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holidayparkquestion Mon 25-Dec-17 20:52:45

I'm interested to now. I'm same height and heavier and fed up.

missnevermind Mon 25-Dec-17 20:54:33

I am heavier but don’t get on with orlistat. My doctor always seems to be pushing it at me though


I’m a little worried about it. I did buy some online once but never got the balls to try it & they expired. Was scared of the orange poo explosions I’d heard about.

My main issue is my weight is affecting my asthma, which in turn leads to lots of steroids which further makes me gain weight!

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RideOn Mon 25-Dec-17 21:01:06

If your BMI is > 30 then you just need to show understanding of what has happened to gain weight and determination to lose weight.
Sometimes they weigh you and ask you to return having lost some weight without it (evidence you know what to do). It is usually prescribed for 6 months and then reviewed but you might need to go back to the surgery for monthly weigh- in to check you are losing weight.
Reading mumsnet gives the impression everyone knows they need to eat less, but in reality there are plenty of people who don’t have a good understanding of how much they need to eat to lose weight and how much to maintain a healthy weight.

holidayparkquestion Mon 25-Dec-17 21:04:02

I'd actually rather access to a psychologist/therapist with an understanding of eating disorders. But I can't fund it.

I really need "something."

kittensinmydinner1 Tue 26-Dec-17 08:41:26

Holidaypark if your bmi is over 35 and you have weight related conditions such as Diabetes, Apnea, high blood pressure etc OR a BMI of 40. You can ask your GP to put you on the tier 3 Bariatric pathway which includes 6 months with a Dietitian and a psychologist who specialises in a whole range of food issues. After those 6 months you can go forward to a gastric bypass (occasionally a band but the NHS doesn't really like them) if you wish.
It changed my sisters life.
The help is there but many feel to ashamed to even ask. MN is quite good at perpetuating this shame - regarding surgery as the easy way out of obesity. It's not. It is scientifically proven to be the only long term sustainable methods of weight loss and saves people from dying young of diabetes, heart failure and strokes!

MrsB11 Wed 27-Dec-17 23:09:42

An you let us know if you get it? I'm very keen to try, but so embarrassed to go to GP

ParcelPop Wed 27-Dec-17 23:15:53


I used to have it. They then stopped prescribing it as apparently, they're no longer allowed to. I've consulted with 2 doctors since and they say the same.

holidayparkquestion Thu 28-Dec-17 00:33:50

Really kittens?! I've been given a referral to slimming world which really wouldn't help.

I'm not sure surgery would solve the problem and so wasn't pursuing that but is lap up the psych support. Is it given only to those pursuing surgery?

holidayparkquestion Thu 28-Dec-17 00:35:28

Wow and it is actually proven to work? I think I've heard too many horror stories and perhaps met people it hasn't worked for but perhaps it's worth trying.

Certainly diets have a 95% failure rate so it's amazing they're still recommended.

yorkshireyummymummy Thu 28-Dec-17 00:39:04

Oristat is absolutely horrendous.
It cost me a fortune in pants and bed sheets.
It doesn’t go well with IBS - and consequently bad wind- trust me.

wump Thu 28-Dec-17 00:49:38

I agree with Yorkshireyummymummy.. i only took it for two days but had uncontrollable orange poo explosions and i swear it kicked the ibs i now suffer from. Steer clear.

wump Thu 28-Dec-17 00:51:50

Kicked off that should say.

Franklyyes Thu 28-Dec-17 17:35:36

I did try it quite a few years ago but GP said I had to lose some weight first to show I was committed. Kept to a low fat diet whilst on them and only had problem when I ate fattier foods. Lost 2.5 stone but it doesn't deal with the issue of why u are overweight so once you stop it goes back on.
Wouldn't recommend it as a long term way of losing and then keeping weight off.

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