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Mumsnet Mamas Week 30

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Demented Fri 23-Jul-04 18:11:38

There was a slimming club called Mumsnet Mamas
Whose members wanted to look fab in pyjamas
The weeks went on
Some have gone
But we're all still trying and that's what matters!

lalaa Fri 23-Jul-04 18:46:49

have not had a drink all week and gone back to running yesterday (20 minutes after an enforced break of a fortnight to have a horrid cold). however, have now capitulated and had a large pimms. well, it is friday. will make up for it tomorrow!!
am staying away from the scales until thurs too (v. hard for me!!)
has anyone ever done a detox? am looking at a seven day option (in this month's Marie Clare) but am a bit scared - just water, then water and fruit for the first two days!

Demented Sat 24-Jul-04 21:22:12

I think Beetroot is the queen of detox, perhaps she is about and can help?

champs Sun 25-Jul-04 16:39:35

bumping, incase beety hasn't seen.

Lisa78 Sun 25-Jul-04 20:00:42

I'm still about ladies, just never seem to remember to get weighed at the right time, let alone email demented!
Am losing about half a pound a week but am no longer dieting really - am back at work now and only about 2 - 3 lbs over what I was pre pg, so am bowing out gracefully, with lots of luck to you all and LOTS of thanks for the support and advice - especially Hulababy who got me going in the right direction

Crystaltips Sun 25-Jul-04 20:13:28

Can I join you guys .... I have just registered with Weight Watchers Online and I need as much help as I can get. Who are the weight watchers gurus ?

Demented Sun 25-Jul-04 21:31:49

Lisa, I've just sent you a mail but this was before I saw you post. Well done! That's fantastic! You must feel great!

Crystaltips of course you can join us. I am in possession of the spreadsheet, if you mail me at mn.bigmamas(at)virgin(dot)net with your starting weight, target weight (if any), then all you do is mail me every Thursday with your loss and it will be announced on the Friday evening on the appropriate weekly thread. We all aim to provide motivation and encouragement. I look forward to hearing from you.

ladymuck Mon 26-Jul-04 14:55:00

Feeling moderately depressed as I'm watching the scales creep up again, but then I had had a tummy bug - it was all too good to be true. Still making it to the gym 4 times a week. Cutting down on snacks etc. My cupboards are looking more diet friendly though did sneak some crisps in (my particular downfall).

Welcome crystaltips - I had thought that there were a few WWers around. I'm not great at that type of thing I'm afraid.

Crystaltips Mon 26-Jul-04 15:19:24

Demented - have just sent you my details. Looks rather depressing when I read it in Black and white.

I was looking at the WW Online boards ... why is it that someone who is 13 stone can get into a size 14 jeans and I am 11 stone and watch as my second and third spare tyres rest on the waistband of mine

fabarooney Mon 26-Jul-04 16:19:52

Demented, is it OK if I join in too? I lost 20 kilos after dd2 was born on WW but 6 have snuck back on while I wan't looking (and stuffing my face with chips). I'd like to shift them by Christmas. Let me know if there is room in the mamas club for me.

Yorkiegirl Mon 26-Jul-04 21:23:40

Message withdrawn

lalaa Mon 26-Jul-04 21:48:11

seems to be going ok now we're back into the week (opposed to the weekend when i love to splurge!). have taken a sneaky look at the scales and at least it's not bad news so far....been running again twice since last post, so am feeling good about that.

on the jeans thing, Crystaltips, it's usually because a size 14 in expensive clothes is much much bigger than size 14 in normally priced clothes. or they are lying!! i can't get anywhere near a 14 in next, but if I went to buy something from Planet (my fave for smart clothes - and pre dd when I could afford it!), a 14 would be fine!

good luck to everyone for the rest of the week!

Demented Mon 26-Jul-04 22:58:10

Welcome to our new members Nickola and Fabarooney!

Crystaltips, I don't seem to have received your mail.

DH very kindly made me tea and toast this evening and he put butter on it!!!! Arrrgh! I've told him that I blame him if I don't lose this week! He's supposed to have joined us too, I'm not sure what diet he's following but if he loses any weight I'll faint!

ladymuck Mon 26-Jul-04 23:07:30

Dh made tea tonight - sausage sarnie...
Hey ho.

LunarSea Tue 27-Jul-04 09:20:47

Actually in our house dh does nearly all the cooking. He'd be waiting a long time for his meals if I had to do it as I usually leave before him in the morning (often when he and ds are still in bed), and get home later. Goes some way to explaining why my diet is primarily 9-5, Mon-Fri!

Fortunately though dh does seem to have accepted now that just because I don't want potato/pasta/rice with my evening meals, it doesn't have to affect him or cause any great disruption to our meals generally.

Am sticking to the wheat-free this week, so will hopefully get a better result. Shame really as I love pasta, and fresh bread.

lalaa Tue 27-Jul-04 18:13:30

i just resisted 8 chocolate buttons not eaten by dd. PROUD!

Crystaltips Tue 27-Jul-04 21:10:00

Demented - Have sent you an email again Hope this one works

Demented Wed 28-Jul-04 11:55:49

Hi Crystaltips, I've received your mail now, saw it yesterday didn't have time to reply, unfortunately DH is away with the laptop which has my e-mails on it so I won't be able to reply until later today but I will put you on the spreadsheet as soon as I can.

rooster Wed 28-Jul-04 15:48:58

can I join you too? off to weightwatchers tonight, so don't know my exact weight, but I figure its around 11 stone (I am going to be soooo depressed if its more)

Would like to loose 1.5 stone and hoping that if from now on, I can loose 2lb per week for the rest of the school holidays, then hopefully I may get some confidence boosting remarks when I head back to the playground.

Had my last ice-cream just for the week, so here goes, I really want to do this.

You have my permission to shout abuse at me if I step out of line.

Demented Wed 28-Jul-04 19:53:19

Hi rooster and welcome! Just mail me at mn.bigmamas(at)virgin(dot)net with your starting weight, target weight (if any) then mail me every Thursday with your loss and it will be announced on the Friday night. Look forward to hearing from you!

Weigh-in day tomorrow remember!

alison222 Thu 29-Jul-04 19:09:29

Can I join too? I've just been very depressed my my new scales - which I'm sure are probably about right , and need some bullying to keep me on the straight and narrow - or at least eating less than currently to loose some of this extra weight

Demented Thu 29-Jul-04 21:51:07

Of course alison222, just mail me as below. Look forward to hearing from you!

Demented Thu 29-Jul-04 21:52:58

Don't suppose it will help anyone to know that I am sitting eating homemade eclairs ! A friend brought them round and left some, I've debated leaving them for a treat tomorrow against having a blow-out and I've gone for the blow-out! Had three but they were just small, honest .

MadameButterfly Fri 30-Jul-04 09:31:29

Not so good for me this week. MY excuse for the gain this week is that my mum is here at the moment and cooking up delicious food. Also it was my birthday yesterday and we went out for a chinese meal last night.

Will get back on track on Monday after mum has gone home.

There is no point saying that it will be over the weekend as it is DD's birthday on Sunday. We are having a party for about 12 kids on Saturday and my brother and SIL asre coming on Sunday

rooster Fri 30-Jul-04 09:46:11

Well yesterday I was good, I took the kids up the woods for a long walk, on the way home they were hungry so I treated them to a Burger King, I didn't have one, because my WW meal was waiting for me when I got home. 2 hours later had a WW chocolate bar with a cup of coffee and before bed had a Ovaltine to see me through the night.

Last year when I did this, I lost 7lb in 3 weeks so I know with discipline I can do it, I just hope I stick to this.

My dh family are really skinny and the next time I see them will be Christmas, so I'm hoping to have lost quite a bit by then.

Happy birthday for yesterday madambutterfly

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