Thryroxine and struggling

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pingu73 Mon 04-Dec-17 14:23:51

Well here goes
I was diagnosed with bp about 3 years ago and put onto lithium....meds amazing however after effects on body not so. My thyroid is now wrecked and am on thyroxine and vit d as it seems to have caused loads of issues.
I have now come off all psych meds however I’m left with massive weight gain that makes me feel like I would be harpooned near water!
I’m trying not to get down as I was always very fit but now I find it hard to get motivated
I work f/t and have a hectic life...disabled son etc but no matter what I do I seem to fail
Anyone else in similar boat and struggling???
Is it impossible with low thyroid function to lose weight??
I have had an eating disorder in the past So trying to be sensible with it all

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AnotherOtter Mon 04-Dec-17 21:01:27

I have bipolar disorder, was on lithium and got hypothyroidism and have had weight gain as a side effect of various drugs (mainly antipsychotics). I'm still on an antipsychotic and a different mood stabiliser plus thyroxine and random other drugs for all the crap that psychiatric medication brings. My highest weight was 17st 3lb and I've very slowly brought it down to 12st 10lb with some smaller regains during depressive episodes. I also lose weight rapidly when manic despite eating at least 3000 calories a day. It would be magic if it weren't so fucking awful. Anyway, yes, it is possible to lose weight but you will probably have to lower your expectations of how long it will take. Make sure your thyroxine dose is correct. Your TSH should be right at the bottom of the normal range and you should have no hypothyroid symptoms. You may have to be pushy with the GP to take any symptoms seriously as they tend to write off our physical symptoms as psychiatric.

I've had eating disorders in the past and I would say it is crucial to get that well under control before dieting because dieting is the biggest possible trigger to relapsing. You have to be brutally honest with yourself and sometimes that's pretty messy. Could well be worth asking to be referred to a dietitian for advice on how to diet safely. I'm happy to tell you my particulars but what works for me might not be best for you. If you've not dealt with your eating disorder then ask for a psychology referral.

Good luck! smile

pingu73 Mon 04-Dec-17 21:40:39

Oh thanks that’s great !
It gives me some hope. I need to take it slowly and not get frustrated and give up.
How did you start ??? What kept you motivated if you don’t mind me asking ???

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AnotherOtter Tue 05-Dec-17 13:47:47

I don't think there is one big secret that suddenly makes everything slot into place. It's the accumulation of lots of little things. I am quite obsessive and like numbers so I log all my food into the My Fitness Pal app and do the Calories In Calories Out method. I have a fitbit too and that tells me how many calories I am burning. I drink a lot of water and eat foods that fill me up which usually means higher in protein and fibre but also a decent amount of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. I make the most of my calorie budget most of the time but also fit treats in too. I walk at least 13k steps a day (this is brilliant for my mood btw). You don't need to have a perfect plan to start. You can learn as you go and tailor the stuff you read on the internet to your own life.

Motivation is variable. Sometimes I feel enthusiastic and all pepped up and it's all easy and sometimes I feel pissed off and bored but I just ride it out and keep going regardless. That's one advantage that us bipolar people have over the 'normals': we know moods are changeable and don't last forever. Sometimes you just have to endure but a change in mood will come along soon enough. There's plenty you can do to pick up or settle down an abnormal mood/episode but your psychiatrist and CPN will have drummed that into you already. This is a very long way of saying sometimes it's shite and you just have to be patient!

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