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Alevere / Alizonne

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mrspannie Sat 02-Dec-17 06:47:19

I'm part way through my second weight loss journey and seeking like-minded ladies (and gents!) The first time I did the programme was in 2012 when it was called Alizonne. Now I'm back (but it's been renamed Alevere) and I'm in my 7th week.

There are a number of us supporting each other on their Alevere journeys and we were merrily helping each other along on a different thread. And then bam... suddenly... we couldn't post to the thread anymore.

So this is a new thread - but same topic.

Please use this to let us know how you are getting on, to ask any questions, to get support.

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mrspannie Sat 02-Dec-17 06:48:14

So... picking up where we left off...

Drumroll... stage 2 has arrived! I lost 1.4kg this week (my best week aside from week 1), taking me to 8.6kg lost in 7 weeks. 3.7kg to get to goal...

Really delighted to be moving to stage 2 now as I have a wedding to attend this weekend and it means I may perhaps be able to eat some of the main course... but I will bring a sachet in my handbag just in case. I definitely won't be drinking. And best of all... I'm looking much better than I did 7 weeks ago and am back in size 12 clothes. Phew!

I'm so looking forward to having ham... and steak... in the evening! Sorry girls, I won't talk about it any more!

@emma889 - I'm also on MFP. I'm not currently logging food, but will restart once I'm phasing off. But I do log my weight on there and chat to a few of the girls that I did this diet with back in 2012. If you can work out how to link up on there, you can find me under MrsPannie.

@Dmacka75 - congrats on your continued great losses. Amazing work!

@Angielester1 - stay strong, Hun. Keeping my fingers and toes you have a perfect week and set yourself up for a fabulous loss. Keep your eyes on the prize...

Onwards and downwards

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chocolatespiders Sat 02-Dec-17 08:18:08

Is this easy to follow?

mrspannie Sun 03-Dec-17 15:27:37

@chocolatespiders - yes. I do think it's pretty easy. Let's say it's the only diet that I ever managed to stick to 100% - even when things are stressful, or while on holiday / a trip with work or whatever. Weight watchers, SW, cabbage soup etc were fine but once I hit my first plateau my resolve went out the window. With Alevere, I absolutely know it works if yo stick to it and I have no desire to cheat. Maybe the focus partly comes from the price... but I also haven't felt hungry (apart from during the first few days) and my skin is tightened by the treatments. So I'd say it's easy and very effective.

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SealSong Sun 03-Dec-17 15:38:13

How much does it cost?

mrspannie Wed 06-Dec-17 19:24:39

@SealSong - there are lots of different costs (such as food sachets, treatments, blood tests, doctors consultation, etc) - but it works out at about £220 per week. The cost goes down as you get nearer goal (as you have fewer sachets and can in theory drop the ultrasound treatment). Also you can (in my clinic anyway) get a reduction by paying for four treatments up front. So...yes, it is very expensive if you're comparing it to something like weight watchers or SW. But this programme is medically supervised by a doctor, and the treatments help with speeding up weight loss and skin elasticity, plus I know it works. (None of the discouraging plateaus that you get with other diets... )

Today I had my eighth weigh in and I'm now 2.7kg away from goal. Not sure if I will get there by Xmas, but should be within spitting distance anyway...

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emma889 Tue 12-Dec-17 18:24:46

Hi all
Thanks @mrspannie for starting the new group.
I had my week4 weigh in on Thursday and have now lost 6.5kg

I had my in body scan and had lost 2kg of muscle so I really need to be keeping my exercise up to make sure my weight losses continue! (not easy in the middle of a house move!!!)

I will fill you all in again on Thursday smile

mrspannie Wed 03-Jan-18 19:35:53

Hi there,

Not sure whether to laugh or cry... just had my first weigh in since before Christmas - and I'm exactly the same as I was before I left. It's frustrating as I was "mostly good" - but I confess I I treated myself to more than a few cheats over Christmas and it shows this programme only truly works when you stick to it 100%. I now need to be firmly back on the straight and narrow. Only 1.6kg to loose until I'm at goal and can phase off properly. So nearly there... If I'd stuck to it over the last two weeks I might have been at goal by now... grrrr.

How are you all doing? It's a hard time of year to diet - but then again, there's never a good time to do it!

Onwards and downwards...

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emma889 Thu 04-Jan-18 12:13:06

Hi all
I have just been for my first weigh after Christmas and have lost 2.2kg!
I honestly can't believe it! I will admit, i didn't have the most joyous of Christmases and am now relieved it is over but today definitely made it feel worth it!
I am now down to 68.1kg and have lost 10.8kg since I started 8 weeks ago.

The thing that I am most pleased about is that i had my in body scan today and my visceral fat has come down quite considerably- my muscle mass has also not decreased this time which means that i am exercising enough to be only losing fat not muscle which was very important to me!

Just a tip for people- I have found that on days that I am doing a proper workout or am very active I definitely need a 6th sachet- this as advised by the clinic and i have found it very beneficial!

There are still many things i could be doing better like eating more veg, drinking more water etc but the battle with that continues!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

mrspannie Thu 04-Jan-18 17:46:23

oh wowsers!!! @emma889 - you are such a little superstar! Well done on staying strong over Christmas - totally brilliant and obviously worth the effort now that you know you lost another 2.2kg.

I'm guessing you must be very nearly at your goal if you're at 68.1kg? (I'm at 68.6 and aiming for 67kg.)

I haven't been having the sixth sachet on exercise days recently - but I definitely should consider it as I do feel light headed when I stand up too quickly...

Onwards and downwards.

Mrs Pxxx

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emma889 Thu 04-Jan-18 18:05:53

@mrspannie My problem is that I am only 5ft 1!! so the mid level of my healthy BMI is around 54kg! I am personally just aiming for 60kg though (as I am sure my bones alone weigh more than 54kg! haha) so hopefully not too much longer to go- I can't afford it to go on too long to be honest!

Khamiak Sun 07-Jan-18 13:00:10

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

mrspannie Thu 11-Jan-18 16:41:00

@emma889 - you're doing brilliantly and I'm sure 60kg will look amazing for you.

My target (67kg) is actually the top of the healthy range for my BMI (not the mid point). That will be fine for me as I'm no spring chicken and I'm already fitting into size 10 and 12 clothes. Any lighter and I might look a bit sick. Also, lady time I did this I found that if you phase off slowly and properly then you are more than likely end up slightly below target anyway.

Today I had my second appointment since the Christmas festivities and things are getting back on track -thank goodness. Just 1 kg until I reach my target weight now. Yay. Breakfast is reintroduced at this stage, and I'm going to have porridge tomorrow morning (which I love). There are weetabix and toast alternatives on stage 3 too, but I'm going to avoid them as I have a wheat intolerance.

Onwards and downwards.

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mrspannie Fri 19-Jan-18 08:12:49

Very happy to say.... GOAL! Reached my target weight yesterday so now starting to phase off the programme. Yay! I'm off on holidays for the half term break...I think 3 weeks time... really cannot wait! Should be fine to phase off over 3 weeks - and if I can be perhaps slightly below target by the time I go away, that would probably be helpful.

Hope you are having a good week. Onwards and downwards.


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sonali1 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:40:38

Hello! Are any of you still on the alevere programme? I have just started this year

Karen81x Sat 10-Feb-18 22:06:05

Hello all,
I'm just at the end of my second week and will have quite a long way to go! I'd be interested in keeping in touch and swapping tips if you're keen?
How are you getting on so far?

AimeeL1985 Mon 12-Feb-18 02:23:02

Hi all, i am on week 6 and lost 2 stone on this. I got alot to lose. Another 6 stone to target. I have found this diet is making me a bit depressed. I miss normal food and think now i could find it easy to stick to slimming world which i tried to do before. I feel it is effecting my social life. Go to the pub with my friends and drink pints of water. Sometimes factor in my peach and mango satchet or black coffee. I dont want to not attend social events cause of this diet as that would get me down even more. Also not being able to eat out with friends and family is getting me down. Going to London this week for 2 day break. What kind of easy things could i take when out and about? Could do with bit of support and be good to hear other peoples experiences who are doing it or done it . Xx

Missingpop Sun 15-Apr-18 16:35:57

Hello I am about to start the Alevere diet; I'm hoping to reach out to see if anyone else is following the plan; how are you getting on; are you facing any problems; what do you think of the foods; which ones are the best tasting; are you managing to eat/drink the 5 sachets daily, I've heard there are some side effects how are you dealing with them; I'm hoping if there's a few of us we can help support each other in the coming weeks & months 😊

Sammymann Tue 01-May-18 17:29:38

Hi how are you doing on Alevere. I have my doctors assessment on 24th and will start on 12 June when back from holiday. I’m interested to hear from others doing it

Jeffin Thu 17-May-18 21:45:35

Hi, I’m on the diet, day 4 today and I have my first weigh in and treatments tomorrow. It’s been okay so far, not enjoying the food sachets at all but the drink and milkshake ones are fine and being able to cook veg in olive oil is really nice smile

mrspannie Tue 29-May-18 17:04:30

Hello there,

Sorry I haven't been on the forum recently. I finished Alevere back in February (having lost just over 12kgs) and then started a new job in April.

At the end of the Alevere programme my "resting metabolic rate" came out as 1358 - but I'm fairly active so the doctor recommended an intake of about 1500 calories per day (and more if I exercise properly).

I confess I wasn't really counting calories at all for the first few months after finishing the programme. Silly me. I realise now that it's important as otherwise my portion sizes go a little wild and the snacking goes unnoticed. So 3 kgs has crept on since I finished - but I think now that I'm counting properly again, it should come off fairly easily ahead of the summer holidays. Fingers crossed.

@Sonali1 - How is it all going? Are you almost done on your journey?

@Karen81x - I'd be delighted to swap tips with you. I'm sure you have loads of your own by now. How much have you lost now?

@AimeeL1985 - I know exactly what you mean. The programme basically encourages a hermit mentality. It gets a bit easier once you're on Stage 2 as then it's possible to eat out quite easily. When on the programme, I tended to have people over to my place - so I could have something similar (and no-one really noticed). I've also been known to ring up restaurants a few days in advance and tell them what I can and cannot eat and most chefs have risen to the challenge. Once I'd been on the programme a few months, please could see the difference and were less skeptical about it all and genuinely wanted to help me succeed. And when I went away on short trips, I took a lot of my food with me - by making sachets in advance (e.g. the hot chocolate one can be made into brownies). (Making sachets in advance and freezing them is one of my top tips!)

@Missingpop - I think it's really important to keep trying all the sachets until you have a number you like from each category (like meals, soups, drinks, etc.). My absolute favorites were Caramel, Hot Choc, Mint Hot Choc, Cappuccino, Chili, Mash Potato & Herb. I didn't have too many side effects apart from being a little light headed when I stood up too quick and also a little bit of pins and needles in my fingers (not all the time). These were both solved quickly with a slight change in the dosage of the vitamins and minerals - the doctor was very quick to help when I asked.

@Sammymann - how was the doctor's assessment last week? Hope you're going off somewhere nice on your hols. Look forward to hearing about your journey once you start. How much do you have to lose?

@Jeffin - well done on getting through those tough initial days. Hopefully youre feeling much better by now and are in the rhythm of things.

If you think it will help you, please do come on to this forum and post regularly. We can all support each other.

Onwards and downwards,
Mrs Px

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