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Midwife/Health Visitor asking about weight

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BlueberryPancakes17 Sun 26-Nov-17 12:43:27


I just wondered if anyone had had experience of their midwife or health visitor asking or encouraging them to lose weight?

More specifically how they asked the question and whether it was sensitively asked or not?


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ApplesTheHare Sun 26-Nov-17 12:53:47

They mentioned weight to me but were suggesting I put some on as I had a dreadful labour and lost lots in the first couple of weeks pp. They didn't ever seem to ask any questions sensitively here though, always seemed to be rushing through a checklist though I've no doubt they mean well.

ThinkOfAWittyNameLater Sun 26-Nov-17 13:18:53

I'm obese and was over 30 with second child. I was also ridiculously ill throughout both pregnancies. My GP mentioned my weight at the first appointment but to tell me to deal with it after baby arrived safely!

Every scan they asked why I was having GRO scans so I just told them very matter of factly "I'm obese" and stared long and hard until they moved on to their next question!

No-one else ever mentioned it. None of the post-natal appointments raised it. I think as long as you're secure in your current position (doesn't mean you need to be happy with it, just secure) the. They won't really say anything unless it becomes a serious, genuine risk to you or your baby.

Good luck!

BlueberryPancakes17 Sun 26-Nov-17 17:30:14

Thank you so much for your responses. It’s such a shame that they are insensitive about it.

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