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Feel totally sabotaged by my hormones - how do I get a handle on this?

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JesusTapdancingChrist Wed 15-Nov-17 08:37:42

Have about 5-7 lbs to lose to get to my ultimate goal. Have relaxed my rules a little bit (was really hardcore before resulting in 2 stones lost in 2.5 months) but am still logging everything on MFP and staying under my calorie limit. But when it comes to ovulation and then to just before my period I am like a woman possessed shock sad. Genuine, insatiable hunger. I try to keep to the healthy stuff but carrot sticks, nuts and fat free yoghurt just don't cut it. As I'm only short and appear to have absolutely zero leeway to allow for treats, I've gained 2 lbs in the last week just from the dark chocolate and bag of Popchips I've consumed (no takeaways or anything like that).

Am cutting my calories for the next few days to try and regain control but Does anyone have any tips for managing hormonal hunger? It's really getting me down sad.

Thanks for reading.

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PostNotInHaste Sat 18-Nov-17 07:37:20

My hormones are all over the place as am perimenopausal. I run with it now and if they play up I eat at maintenance and don't stress too much about quality at that time. I make sure I get my daily steps in to give me more leeway. Then when hormones level out I resume eating a deficit.

It is common to gain weight at ovulation as well as before a period. It's usually water weight rather than fat so probably best to stay off the scales during that time and accept it is what it is if you can.

Gaudeamus Mon 20-Nov-17 06:45:57

If you're craving sweets during those times, it might help to change the balance of your meals so you're eating proportionally more fat and protein and less carbs within your daily calories. Fat and protein are very satiating, while simple carbs like sugar actually cause more hunger because of their effect on blood sugar. Foods like nuts and seeds, hummus, full-fat yogurt and eggs contain healthy forms of fat and lots of protein and should help you not to feel so ravenous. (Not to say that you can just substitute chocolate for hummus and the cravings will magically go away - just that if your diet generally contains enough of these foods that should at least take the edge off.)

If you do decide to eat something sweet, do so as part of a balanced meal, not on its own - so eat a dessert after your dinner, not a chocolate bar as a snack with no other food, or for your snack you might have some chocolate pieces with a few almonds and a glass of milk. Adding other nutrients alongside the simple carbs will cushion their absorption by the body and reduce the trigger for more cravings.

Also make sure that you're drinking lots of water, eating fibre and getting enough sleep. All these will help regulate your appetite.

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