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I just cannot lose weight post TFMR

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SleepFreeZone Sun 05-Nov-17 07:47:29

I don't understand it. This year I was so close to goal in May. Was pregnant and had to have a termination for medical reasons (baby severely disabled). The termination took place first week September. Since then Ive been trying to lose a stone and my weight hasn't budged. My cycles are regular again and we're TTC so no obvious problems.

I initially tried low carb as this had worked well for me in the past but no joy. So I decided to combine this with exercise and I'm now jogging around 2 miles every evening. No movement on scales (or inches lost). I've stepped it up by doing 16:8 the last week and avoiding gluten and dairy and once again no movement whatsoever on the scales.

Yesterday I ate:
Lots of salad leaves, three bell peppers sautéed with frylight and some tuna. Lighter than light mayo on the side.
Some prawns and sautéed mushrooms
Small amount of chicken
Chamomile tea throughout the day.

I'm not expecting miracles but I would at least have expected a few pounds off. It's so weird. None of my old clothes fit either so I don't think it's a case of inches coming off instead. Is there a chance my metabolism has been affected by the termination or perhaps my age is now a factor at 42.

Any advice?

SleepFreeZone Sun 05-Nov-17 07:53:39

Just to add I don't drink alcohol and my fasting window is 6pm-noon the next day, each day.

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