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Fancy joining a different type of LCHF (low crap, high fabulous): Routine and nourishment

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KnittingJoy Fri 03-Nov-17 18:18:10

I'm a long time lurker.

I've got fatter since having children. Basically, my eating habits fundamentally changed: cake and chocolate have become crack. I have craved crap: pizza. chocolate. cake. Any time of day. All day if possible. Treats no longer exist: I've become a tart for food. This is not making me happy.

I've tried low carb. I've tried calorie restriction. Psychologically it's not worked: I swiftly end up regaining the weight and piling my face into chocolate and carbs.


I'm going all-out LCHF: low crap high fabulous. I want to eat in a way that makes me happy. I want to return gradually to my optimum weight, by eating right now what I would need to eat once at my goal. I want to be healthy and, quite frankly, fabulous.

I'm going to do it with the help of routine and habit and a massive injection of Allen Carr style readjustment of my attitude to food. I'd love to share the journey with someone who thinks this might work for them too.

Two websites have got me through three weeks of steady loss so far. I've read them both every few days to remind me of what I'm doing.

It's been a huge shift and I feel so much better already. If you're coming on board I'd recommended reading both in their entirety.

Routine: No S. No restriction in calories. No cutting out food groups. Just no sweets, snacks or seconds during the week unless a birthday or special day. I love the way the guy puts this stuff - lots of logic, lots of cold hard truths and (brilliantly) the recognition of weekends and special days. This guy also talks about the importance of movement in its most basic form: walking.

Nourishment: Recognising that my body and mind have become hooked on fake food, whilst (and having been) battered by various restrictions in food groups and/or calories. It is not a THING in food which is addictive, it is an ABSENCE. Food needs to have calories AND nourishment. One without the other (much of the food I've been eating for some time) will never satisfy because our bodies haven't received what we need. Calories without nourishment requires us to eat more to get the nourishment we need because our bodies are pretty clever and we would die otherwise. Nourishment without calories (basically eating less than our body would need at its optimum weight) is similarly problematic: our body knows we have insufficient calories to maintain our optimum weight. Three nourishing (or even semi-nourishing, after a period of intense nourishment - could be a week or more) meals a day and a big dose of wake-up call

Low crap: chocolate sometimes, cake sometimes, at weekends or special occasions. No milky coffees or drinking my calories except sometimes at weekends. I'm not missing it. I'm not craving it.

High fabulous: eating until full, three times a day, a beautiful plate of nourishing whole foods from the rainbow (fruit and veg basically), fat, meat, fish, dairy, eggs, decent carbs. Full of energy. Losing weight. Skin glowing. Fabulous.

Anyone want to join me for Low Crap High Fab?

TheIntrovertedMum Fri 03-Nov-17 18:34:44

This sounds great! I need to change my mindset for sure and this sounds like a good way of doing it!!

GreyandGrumpy48 Sat 04-Nov-17 09:10:40

Sounds great to me. I have just been diagnosed with anaemia so need to start looking after myself better. Got some day surgery on Monday but happy to start on Tuesday. I will get reading the websites in preparation

healthandwealth Wed 08-Nov-17 05:20:46

Good luck knitting. I’m trying this approach too after years of being obsessed with eating ‘correctly’, only to end up bingeing. I just want to eat healthily but with treats now and again. Would love to hear how everyone’s getting on

spleenyone Wed 08-Nov-17 05:39:16

I would love to join in, i have failed at every diet for years and years. I will read the sites you have recommended. Good luck!

berliozwooler Wed 08-Nov-17 05:48:40

Do whatever is sustainable for you as a lifestyle rather than a diet. For me, the key is convenience as I work and commute, and I'm not going to spend ages chopping up veg or more hours in the gym. I've been doing 5:2 since the spring, and have lost loads of weight - slowly. And importantly, lots of visceral fat. I am doing 10-14,000 steps a day though in spite of having to sit at a desk a lot.

MummyMummyMummyyyy Wed 08-Nov-17 18:21:48

I think you'd like Team RH Fitness. They're an online coaching group who basically teach you what you've said above, but a bit more scientifically. It's tracking macros (macronutrients such as fibre, protein, carbs) in such a way that no foods are banned. It's brilliant. They charge £15 to join (I think) then £3.50 per month via PayPal to join the coaching group on Facebook. You can search Richie Howey or Team RH Fitness on FB.

SpoonfulOfJam Wed 08-Nov-17 19:07:05

I've sort of been doing this for the last year, or longer. Eating really well. Not dieting. Occasional treats.

I'm losing weight very slowly- the gym is helping. But I've developed a really positive outlook to food.

When I was pregnant with DS2, exhausted and feeling rubbish, I ate pizza, KFC. All manner of crap and gained so much weight.

Convenience/ fast food is now a frozen bag of stir fry veg and rice.

I very rarely crave the crap and I'm feeling great.

NOMOREoatcakesandcheese Thu 09-Nov-17 09:12:31

That’s sounds like a good plan Knitting I’ve got the no s diet book and go on their forum - I like its simplicity and lack of diet speak or diet mystique. I like that you can apply much if his stuff to everyday life - like the 30 day habit change etc
Among my many many diet books there are a select few that I haven’t thrown out or dispatched to the charity shop. I’ve keptall the books by Gillian Riley, she’s got a website too. I find her stuff really helpful and thought provoking, and I keep coming back to her. She talks about choice - choosing to eat rubbish - why would you when you could eat a tasty nourishing meal?
Read Tim Spectors the diet myth if you can too.
Good luck and Keep posting

KnittingJoy Thu 09-Nov-17 20:46:42

Been away so apologies for not updating sooner ... great to see some interest - how have you all found the websites?

I've been so blown away by the logic of both of these sites, including the insights about dieting, hunger, satiation and habit. The no snacking is helping, as is allowing myself a small treat at weekends. I keep dipping in and out, so I'm treating the sites as a 'friend in my ear' repeating the message iykwim.

It's been over three weeks now and I'm down a good 5lbs. Happy with this as it's steady, I've been feeling satisfied and full, and happy!

spleenyone Sun 12-Nov-17 18:46:46

Hi Knitting, not sure if you're still reading the thread / still looking for people to join up with, but I just thought I'd pop back on to say I've read both links you posted and found them very inspiring, they completely resonated with me as a lifelong failed dieter. I feel I have the confidence to ditch the diets for good and stick to the no S principles. I'll update progress on here. Good luck to you and anyone else giving it a go- I'm convinced it's the only way.

KnittingJoy Wed 15-Nov-17 10:52:19

spleenyone Still here! Can only dip in and out infrequently at the moment but still going and still so happy with how this is going and how my relationship with food has improved.

I'm glad you found the sites inspiring. I'll be so happy to see your and other poster's progress too.

mummyretired Wed 15-Nov-17 10:56:59

I'd love to join in. I don't need to lose weight but my eating habits are getting worse now I'm on my own - too much sugar and carbs which instantly bloat me and make me feel down. I need to plan ahead even if I'm eating alone.

Ruggles Wed 20-Dec-17 07:19:05

Hi there - can I join too? I need to sort myself out about food / diet etc and as ever, started my research with Mumsnet. My thought was to glean lots of good ideas and come up with a lifestyle plan that's not a diet, but a framework or set of guidelines to follow, most of the time. Knitting, your post really struck a chord and of course, I love the idea of fabulous-ness too!! glitterballstar glitterballstar glitterball

I am a long time lurker too grin grin

I don't quite understand how, but I have got into a right muddle with food. I am always on a diet or thinking about a new one. I either loose lots of weight, but put it back on again, OR, even worse, just put on weight. I am becoming a little obsessed and rather fat. I know all about healthy eating, cook from scratch, feed my family really well, but stuff my face with crisps, choccie and other 'treats' on the QT. How have I got in such mess? I think it's 'comfort eating', but frankly, it's rather sad and very unhealthy.

Off to read all the stuff and start really thinking about how I want to live. Have opened a new notebook (I am a sucker for nice stationery) and feeling excited about plotting a new lifestyle.

My idea is to start now, rather than waiting until after Christmas and the NY. I think the biggest thing for me is to cut-the-crap out. So, some lovely nibbles, cake, pudding etc over Christmas, but no crisps, cheap choccie or toffees.....

I notice no-one's posted for a month - are any of you still there? How are you getting on? Please come back and join me. I love reading other people's posts - it's inspiring, uplifting and entertaining. fsmile

goingonabearhunt1 Wed 20-Dec-17 17:55:17

I need to do this; seem to have got into the habit of bingeing on carbs/chocolate/crap.

I like the idea of thinking all foods should have nutritional as well as calories, that's what I try and do too. Empty calorie foods just make you feel rubbish.

I sometimes crave specific junky items but then I find they don't even taste as good as I thought they would when I eat them.

goingonabearhunt1 Wed 20-Dec-17 17:55:37

*nutritional value

Ruggles Thu 21-Dec-17 10:19:50

Me too bearhunt - it's exactly what I do... blush I really like your thought about food having a nutritional value / empty calories making you feel rubbish - that is so true.

I've read most of the NoS website - in my mind it's the No-S-**t diet as that's what you're cutting out - also, I really like the blunt style.

I know most of this is common sense, but somewhere down the line, I seem to have lost mine when it comes to food. possibly somewhere in the M&S food hall

I am so excited about this. Straight forward - focus on health and feeling good. Follow the rules and let the rest happen. One of the best bits is that I can really start enjoying food again. I have so many fab cook books, but don't cook so many of the recipes as I'm trying to loose weight.

How's everyone else getting on? fsmile fsmile

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