Slimming world NOT working. Come and tell me where I'm going wrong??

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StinkyMcgrinky Thu 02-Nov-17 20:02:27

I rejoined slimming world 2 weeks ago after having 2 babies and gaining 4 stone in the past 5 years shock

I have done slimming world before and lost 3 stone so was quite looking forward to getting back to it. As far as I can see I'm sticking to plan 100% but in my first week I lost 1lb! One measely pound! But, I thought it might be delayed so didn't get too down about it. Again, stuck to plan 100% all week and just been to weigh in. Maintain!! I've sat down with my group leader and she can't see anything obvious in my food diary and thinks it might STILL be a delayed loss....hmm

So, I'm hoping someone else might be able to shed some light. Here is an example of 2 of my days this week;

BreakfastSW overnight oats
Frozen cherries with grated fresh apple
40g porridge oats (hexb)
Muller light
Banana on top the following morning

Tea with skimmed milk (HexA) and sweetener (few cups throughout day)

lunchVeg Fritatta and salad
Sweet corn
Cherry Tom

snack Haribo mini bag 16g 2.5syns

Turkey mince (less than 5% fat)
Dried spaghetti

treat Jaffa cake bar 5syns


Scrambled egg with milk (hexA)
Tomatoes grilled
Bacon without fat

Small jacket potato with beans
Salad - lettuce, tomato, celery, beetroot, carrot

Chicken breast
Primula (2.5syns)
SW chips in fry light

I measure my milk. I weigh my B choice, I check that low fat means free on the app, I'm not sneaking biscuits or sweets. What can I do this week to see a better result??

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HoosierDaddy Thu 02-Nov-17 20:09:35

I haven't done sw in ages, but are you having a big enough ratio of Superfree veg per meal (might be called something else these days!)... is a third of your plate always superfree, or are you having relatively large amount of potato/pasta/meat - which are all "free" but won't melt weight off you unless you are eating them in proportion to the "superfree"

(( fondly remembers stuffing myself with free pasta, without a sniff of a vegetable, and then being extra affronted by my scales ))

Alittlepotofrosie Thu 02-Nov-17 20:38:44

Check your portion sizes. I know on SW you don't have to, and this encourages most people to overeat. You're also having a lot of sugar especially with the bloody muller lights slimming world loves so much. It would be MUCH healthier for you to use full fat greek or natural yoghurt which only have naturally occurring sugars rather than muller lights which are basically junk food. I know that's off plan but seriously... Theyre not good for you.

Furball Thu 02-Nov-17 20:43:59

day 2 - no hxb

I know you are eating alot of fruit/veg etc - But 1/3 or your plate should be superfree foods.

Try upping your syns - you should be having at least 5, most of the 'big losers' have the full max 15

Mushroomburger17 Thu 02-Nov-17 20:50:06

Ask Richie Howey! grin

Peachsploosh Thu 02-Nov-17 20:51:57

I agree with pp to check portion size. Your dinner is a healthy spaghetti Bol but should only be a third of your plate. The rest should be speed foods (spinach, broccoli etc)
My consultant shared a tip last week to put spinach in the middle of your plate then put the spaghetti on top so it looks like you have more than you actually do. Then put the meat around the spaghetti. It's all about making it look like lots of food so your eyes trick your stomach!
Keep going with it, the weight will start to come off.

StinkyMcgrinky Thu 02-Nov-17 21:04:43

Thanks all. Sorry, I forgot to mention my 2 hifi bars for HexB on day 2.

I am trying to keep 1/3 (if not 1/2!) Of my plate speed food but will make a more conscious effort to take note of this. I think you're right with not having enough syns, I need to not be scared of them. I think I've sent my body into shock!

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lampshade21 Thu 02-Nov-17 21:16:10

Any constipation or could it be hormonal ?

Itsonkyme Thu 02-Nov-17 21:20:16

Joined 12 weeks ago, have lost 22lbs
The only thing that I can see is not enough veg. I would have had the bolignaise over shredded cabbage or cauli. Really fill up on the veg.
Cut out Muller lights (work of the devil) the only week I gained was when I was having a couple of Mullets a day . Have fat free Greek Yogurt with a bit of Truvia. Some berries and chopped banana.
The dinner on 2nd day is a bit heavy on the meat (chicken and bacon) and no need for the cheese either. Instead of chips (slice new potatoes and microwave in a tupperware. Once agaun , loads of veg. Half the plate at least.
Don't forget to drink water, I usually have a glass ten mins before meal.
Oh! And if hungry in between, make a rule, before you have a snack, glass of water.
Hope this helps a bit. I'm sure you'll get there.
Id get rid of the haribos and Jaff's cake bars as well.
Good luck!

pipistrell Thu 02-Nov-17 21:25:06

Cut down the sugar.

Plus too many syns. The reason the “big losers” can get away with 15 syns is because they’ve got such a lot to lose. If you’re usually eating two packs of biscuits and four cream cakes a day, then obviously if you cut down the crap to 15 syns you’ll still lose. Ordinary people don’t need any, particularly not pure sugary crap like Haribo and Jaffa cakes.

pipistrell Thu 02-Nov-17 21:28:07

Oh and some SW leaders are full of shit about why you don’t lose. They have to say it’s working, even if you’ve not lost anything or gained. Half the time they haven’t got a clue why you haven’t had a bigger loss so they’ll tell you anything, like you haven’t drunk enough water or you haven’t had enough syns.

Load of unscientific bollocks

StinkyMcgrinky Thu 02-Nov-17 22:32:06

I have actually been a tad constipated as I've been taking cocodamol for a back injury. That hadn't crossed my mind. I'll increase water and fibre to see if I can get things back on track.

Right so from tomorrow morning I will;

1. Ditch Muller lights (none on the fridge) I only had them occasionally but I won't restock
2. No sugary snacks. This week's the jaffa cake and Haribo were because of Halloween and we normally don't have them in the house. I will stay away from the left over trick or treat sweets.
3. Water before snacks
4. Veg veg veg veg veg

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Itsonkyme Thu 02-Nov-17 23:27:27

Yay!!! Please let us know how it goes!😀

SellMySoulForMoreSleep Thu 02-Nov-17 23:45:40

2-3 litres of water a day with what you are eating should do it. As PP said cut out the muller lights, they are full of rubbish. I lost 50lbs with SW, I always lost more when I drank enough water.

tabulahrasa Thu 02-Nov-17 23:56:05

If you're constipated it absolutely will affect your losses...

Also, the 1/3 speed - it's not just that it needs to be 1/3 on your plate, it's that it needs to be a swap, so that's at least 1/3 less of the rest of your portion.

So with your bolognese for example (I'm assuming that's what the turkey mince thing was) it looks like loads of speed, but that's all in your sauce, nothing is being replaced by it.

pipistrell Fri 03-Nov-17 08:21:17

Bolognaise works well with 50:50 quorn mince and lean meat

StinkyMcgrinky Fri 03-Nov-17 08:23:43

Right, I am a determined Nelly.

For breakfast I've had a fruit salad - Apple, banana, orange, grapes and melon with natural yoghurt (fat free) and 2 glasses of water.

My lunch will be a 2 egg omelette with a side salad.

Going out for tea tonightshock looked at the menu and I think the salmon salad might be a good option? But I'm concerned about any of the high fat oils and dressings that it might come with even if I ask for it without. Alternative option is a streak with jacket (no butter) and salad.

I'm not hoping for miracles, 1-2lb a week would be better than nothing!

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Alittlepotofrosie Fri 03-Nov-17 08:28:50

I would ditch the hifi bars as well. From what i just found online they're between 5 and 11g sugar each. I would swap them for a couple of slices of brown bread or a couple of weetabix (if they're still hexb, haven't done sw properly for a few years)

To be honest i lost a lot with sw but then put it all back on. I'm having great success now following the basic principles of fresh healthy food with loads of veg but have also gone low sugar. Its made SUCH a difference. I have natural sugars such as fruit and full fat natural yoghurt but hardly any processed sugar. Once you've done a couple of weeks you don't miss it. You need to find something that works for you that's sustainable.

Alittlepotofrosie Fri 03-Nov-17 08:29:45

Steak and jacket potato with salad is a good option. Delicious too!

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