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Does anyone have a weight watchers scale that doesn't weigh you correctly ?

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depressedandcantchangeit Wed 01-Nov-17 09:24:15

Does anyone have a weight watchers scale that shows the same weight constantly? I’ve been in a diet eating only 1200 calories for the past for weeks and not lost nothing. I’ve not cheated and I’ve counted every bit of food in my my fitness pal app. But the scales say the same? How could I have not lost weight after 4 weeks dieting Surely I should have lost a pound? It’s getting me really down as I need to lose weight and I’ve been really sticking to it. Could it be the scales? It’s the weight watchers one that shows body fat and bmi aswell. One day it showed me at one weight then the next week I was 4 pounds heavier than the last week but there is no way I can put all that weight on. I can’t even take the battery out to reset because no screw driver works in it! I’ve only had this scale for 3 weeks so it’s new

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Strongbeatsskinny Wed 01-Nov-17 13:37:22

Ok your weighing yourself and tracking calories on my fitness pal and on 1200 calories per day. Are you weighing your protein, fats and carbs? If you not that’s probably why you aren’t seeing results it’s so easy to over estimate how much water are you drinking?

Ni58 Sat 04-Nov-17 16:15:05

Try weighing something else on the scales and then add or take off some weight and see if they adjust accordingly? A suitcase, maybe? Or yourself but holding something?

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