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MFP with LCHF vs WW (too many acronyms!)

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MacaroonMama Tue 31-Oct-17 20:12:19

So, I love LCHF. It works so well for my body and I feel amazing on it - but I do find it a bit restrictive and also my husband hates it (carb fiend) so I decided after several half-hearted restarts, I would do Weight Watchers again. (Have done twice before and lost over two stone each time). But I am SO BLOODY HUNGRY!!! And also after retraining myself to avoid carbs, it feels so wrong that crumpets and Warburton's thins are free foods, while 1/2 an avocado is 5 fecking points!

Now a friend has suggested MFP and I have just downloaded the app - I do love the accountability of WW app which the MFP gives you, and I eat better if I track everything. So I am hopeful!

Does anyone have success with combining MFP and a not-too-strict LCHF way of eating? Happy not to eat cake/bread/pasta but I need to eat all the veg and the occasional spud. Also I am breastfeeding (though the kid is nearly two so nothing like exclusively) so I think I can get away with eating a bit more than otherwise.

Thanks for any advice/success stories/thoughts.

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