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Cambridge Diet

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helloflowerpower Mon 30-Oct-17 16:53:59

Hi All,
After some advice RE Cambridge Diet. I have seen a consultant and all seems well.
It is a lot of money but it's all my meals in one lump. What I'm really undecided about is the odd 'day off'. I want to loose 2 stone. I'm in no real rush but I just don't get the motivation anymore to do my own thing and really think something like this would work for me and for in well with my lifestyle. I am looking to start in the next week buy I already have events planned and I'm not going to sit there with a water and a bar or shake when everyone rlse is having wine and a three course meal. Has anyone done this plan and had the odd ' day off' from plan?

Newme2016 Mon 30-Oct-17 19:25:08

The odd day off is fine, but you need to be determined to get straight back on. I found that 1 day turned into a lot more!

It's a great diet, weight comes off really quickly!

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