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ConstanceSpry Tue 24-Oct-17 14:40:55

Has anyone here done a Rebelfit mission?

If so what did you achieve? Weight loss? Toning? Better nutrition?

Am thinking of joining as I like their style and want to take more control of my food and exercise.

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BifsWif Tue 24-Oct-17 17:30:04

Watching with interest, I’m thinking of joining too.

ConstanceSpry Tue 24-Oct-17 19:07:21

Anyone? I'm sure there are some on here!!

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Yazoop Mon 13-Nov-17 13:56:22

Not sure if this is a bit late for you, but I tried Rebelfit a couple of years' ago. There were good and bad bits, but I ultimately discovered it wasn't for me.

Good bits:
- Gets you thinking about nutrition and tries to address your relationship with food
- Group support and different levels for different points in the "journey"
- Includes an introduction to exercise at home

Bad bits:
- Seemed like the advice seemed to shift slightly quite often (it is run by one guy who was understandably tweaking as he went along)
- The Facebook group could turn a bit aggy. The guy leading it didn't seem like any questions as to his methods and could get quite mardy with some in the group (while I didn't experience it directly, certain individuals were "picked on" for voicing a different opinion or simply asking a question). I know there are always difficult people, and I guess it is maybe a "cruel to be kind" tactic, but some genuine people were treated quite badly and it made me feel a bit uncomfortable.
- The ideal mindset was to start seeing food like fuel rather than something to be enjoyed, with a piece of meat with raw veg being seen as much better and "less processed" than, say, a casserole with largely the same ingredients). I now fundamentally disagree with this approach, I've since lost a lot of weight embracing home cooking and think the most sustainable way to maintaining weight is to learn to cook healthy meals and to enjoy your grub in sensible portions.

I don't want to be too down on it, as it was successful for some, and it is one of the only schemes out there that at least tries to deal with the psychological relationship with food. But overall, I didn't find it worth the money. I'm doing really well now with just My Fitness Pal and lots of lovely home-cooked meals!

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