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Anyone fancy a Wednesday Weigh In?

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newmammyof2 Tue 24-Oct-17 13:30:43

I usually weigh on Monday but do think I eat less healthily on the weekend. A Wednesday weigh in sounds like a plan to me 👌🏼

Gemi33 Mon 23-Oct-17 19:19:55

Hi everyone,

I have been on here quite a bit, tried and failed a lot of diets and I am now heavier than ever. I feel so ashamed. I am just getting ready t go out and have seen myself in the mirror and I feel sick, I feel awful.

I have also weighed myself on a Saturday but I think sometimes I eat rubbish all weekend thinking I have all week to get back on track but then it carries on into the week. I once read that Wednesday is a good day to weigh in because most people eat a bit differently at the weekends so its a good mid point. I'm going food shopping tomorrow to get lots of healthy things in and I think checking in here regularly might help keep me on track. Is anyone else struggling? Would anyone else like to draw a big fat line and start afresh on Wednesday?


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