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Do artificial sweeteners mess with your digestion and affect your weight loss?

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JesusTapdancingChrist Mon 23-Oct-17 19:06:30

I've lost almost 2 stone since August. Am now down to the last 7lbs and have been feeling really off for the last week or so and my weight loss has almost stopped when it's being consistent up till now.

I eat 1100 calories a day (am short), mostly lean protein and veg, nuts and seeds, greek yoghurt. I limit carbs, don't drink alcohol and drink gallons of water so on paper am doing everything 'right'.

But I've been having 2-3 tabs of sweetener (not sure exactly what kind - the one in the yellow dispenser from Aldi) in my tea (max 3 cups a day) to attempt to satiate the sweet cravings. It seemed better than chocolate/biscuits etc.

I've been bloated as hell for the last week. Period not due and not that kind of bloating iyswim. It's in my abdomen, mostly to the left side and I just feel horrible.

Could it be the sweetener? It's the only thing that has changed in my diet which is why it comes to mind.

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