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Losing weight without dieting

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comfyshoelady Thu 19-Oct-17 08:06:26

I've always been fairly slim but my weight has a tendancy to creep up towards overweight if I'm not careful, and more so as I get older. I've done diets before, and yes they work, but they are not sustainable and so the weight comes back eventually.
I really want to make sustainable changes that means I can maintain a healthy weight as I get older, so i've been trying to cut down portion sizes and snacking, but not banning any particular foods. I devised a system for myself (I've tried my fitness pal etc and find it to laborious to enter everything so knew I wouldn't keep it up) of smiley faces, so every night I give myself a happy, unhappy or in the middle face depending on how well I think I've eaten. I lost 2lbs in 3 weeks, which in a very small amount but at least I was going in the right direction.
But the last couple of weeks I've lapsed a bit and havn't lost any more.
Would anyone like to join me in doing this and see if we can at least lose a 1lb or 2 each week? Perhaps we can also share some tips!

HairsprayBabe Thu 19-Oct-17 08:55:56

Have you tried the "No S Diet"

Not really a diet more of a lifestyle change, no sugar, snacks or seconds except for days that start with an S (so the weekend) and upto 2 extra special days (e.g holidays birthdays) a month.

More info here

radiosignal Thu 19-Oct-17 09:00:49

I've found cutting right back on carbs worked for me in the past, and not eating after six o'clock in the evening, but i just can't get into the right mind set at the moment. I have quite a lot to lose, but am going on holiday soon so that makes things difficult. i will join you mid November!

comfyshoelady Thu 19-Oct-17 09:06:34

I'll have a look at the nosdiet, thanks, they sound like nice simple rules to follow.
Yeah carbs is a big thing for me too, though I find if I don't have enough I just crave other stuff so it's a balance, I try and stick to 'good carbs'.

Apileofballyhoo Thu 19-Oct-17 09:12:30

I'm doing this OP. My weight just crept up from being less active and eating too much. I'd be happy to lose a pound a month and keep it off!

Like you, I lost a couple of pounds but put them back on - too many treats the last 2 weeks. My downfall is chocolate. If it's in the house I find it hard to not have a bit, which turns into another bit. Haven't been buying it but DH does.

I've just been cutting my portion sizes of carbs and increasing my veg, as well as cutting out sweet things. Trying to up my exercise too, not in any huge way but dragging DS out for walks, walking to the shop, and having a kick around with DS outside. The small bit of weight I lost felt good - I felt lighter and more energetic. So I'm getting back on the wagon!

I want to feel well in myself and look better in my clothes <vain>.

comfyshoelady Thu 19-Oct-17 09:14:39

Hairspray I like the looks of the no s diet, I think I'm gonna download the app and give that a go.

Apileofballyhoo Thu 19-Oct-17 09:14:46

Carbs are also my downfall and I tend to overeat 'so I won't be hungry later'. I think I've lost the knack of listening to my own body regarding hunger.

HairsprayBabe Thu 19-Oct-17 09:30:16

Good luck OP!

I think there is a thread on here for it if you were looking for specific support.

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