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Cambridge Diet

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sillysausage16 Thu 12-Oct-17 17:04:56

Hi all having consultation to start this tomorrow. I'm aware that it's not necessarily a lifestyle diet but I've been faffing around on slimming world for 3 years and lost nothing because I like to see instant results or I get bored. Figuring I can try and get a couple stone off then gradually introduce small portions of food once I reach my goal. Anyone else any positive stories about the plan?

amusedbush Fri 13-Oct-17 09:43:06

I posted this on another thread about CWP, sorry for the copy and paste!

I lost three stone in ten weeks last year. I gained a chunk of that back and have since re-lost it through healthy eating and exercise and I can't believe how much smaller I am than I was at the same weight via Cambridge. I'm a dress size smaller, I've done down another back size in my bra and I'm more toned all over.

So, yes, I lost weight on it but it left me looking stocky and flabby.

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