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Looking for tips to stay on track with limited time

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MadForlt Thu 12-Oct-17 12:16:59

I have 5 stone to lose. I have lost some and put it on again a few times in my life. I am 45 now and really want to make sure I don't have a miserable time due to not being fit and healthy as I age - in my work I see many people that struggle, for example, to get up the stairs due to weight and lack of fitness.

Now is a good time because I'm loving alone so can completely control what food is in the house. BUT

My biggest issue is time. Some weeks I work six days, some days I work 12 hours. If I'm not organised then there are limited options available to me, usually sandwiches, crisps, cereal bars. Not the best.

My hope is to bulk cook once a week or fortnight, reduce sugar, carbs, gluten/wheat. (I'm not celiac, but find I wheat products make me.. Ahem.. Rather windy). Use small amounts of high quality meat and fish with plenty of veg and pulses. Hopefully find some options for work that are easy - in one place there is a fridge and kettle, in the other there is also a microwave. Ideas for things that I can 'grab and go' would be really helpful, as that's what I struggle most with.


Cantseethewoods Thu 12-Oct-17 15:16:35

I'm currently limiting calories following an operation that's meant I am basically immobile till Christmas. My standard lunch is 2 hard boiled eggs and cut up raw veg. Can prep in advance.

Aducknotallama Fri 13-Oct-17 18:55:16

I prep my food daily or every two days and it usually includes: salmon and roasted veg, cod, cauliflower couscous and veg, steak and salad, hard boiled eggs and salad and chicken and roasted veg. Also handy are the single sachets of porridge which can be made up with water, protein bars which can be bought in bulk on amazon and a small container of nuts. Also fat free yoghurts which you can add zero calorie syrups to

Razz86 Sat 14-Oct-17 17:58:48

I use juice plus shakes you can make them in the morning and put them in your bag for later. They replace 2 meals a day so you still get to have solid meals and snacks. They also do soups and every thing is gluten free and vegan friendly. I've only just started it but my mate has lost 5 stone

MadForlt Sat 14-Oct-17 20:38:43

Good ideas, thanks.

Aduck, do you have any protein bars you would recommend? That sounds really handy for my large working days.

Razz, I tried going down the shakes route, but it's not for me. That's actually partly what prompted the post, I thought it would work but they make me gag (not juice plus, but I don't want to spend more money on something that might not be felt me and have decided to go down the sustainable healthy eating route). Totally get where you are coming from though, as I thought that might be my answer too.

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