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Pcos / underactive thyroid

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fionnbharr Wed 11-Oct-17 08:23:37

I have an underactive thyroid -Levothyroxin 100 per day.

I managed to lose 15 kilos bringing my BM I down to 22 but it was a battle. And it is a battle to keep the weight off.

I used MFP. I upped my exercise. Cut out empty calories -booze, peanuts, crisps, desserts, white bread, rice, pasta etc. I started baking food rather than frying in olive oil. And I upped my protein intake - eggs were a big help, not sure you if can eat them.
Finally I ecognised that I needed a lot less food than I had been consuming before.....and that this was a commitment for life.

stockportmother Wed 11-Oct-17 08:17:33

Has anyone with both of these conditions successfully lost 2-3 stone and kept it off?
Previously cambridge diet worked but it gets less effective every time I do it

I'm fish eating vegetarian and gluten free. Was 11st pre kids / thyroid condition.

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