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timeforbedsleepyhead80 Sat 07-Oct-17 14:21:36

I've just been prescribed Metformin for management of my PCOS symptoms (acne and struggling to lose weight). Am having blood tests but my GP is sure I'm insulin resistant. I've also been prescribed a topical skin treatment.

I've only taken it twice (one tablet a day at the moment to slowly increase to three) and I feel awful! Does it make you lose weight because you feel too sick to eat?!

I did take it once before, when I was TTC my DD 2 years ago. My GP said it would assist with ovulation, though since she's been born I've had normal periods and ovulation pain every month so I don't think this is an issue anymore. I don't remember feeling this rough last time!

Is it also true you shouldn't drink alcohol on it? I rarely drink so not really an issue if so but am having a rare night out next weekend so was planning on having a glass or two of nice wine (can't drink much more than that anyway, I'd be tiddled!).

Anyone had good results using Metformin for weight loss in insulin resistant PCOS?

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