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Am I being over sensitive - 'cake gate'

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J888 Fri 06-Oct-17 04:37:55

I have a happy and healthy 3month old baby who is thriving. Without trying I lost my baby weight by about 3 weeks ago, though I am still carrying some extra weight (but not a lot) from pre-pregnancy due to being diagnosed with underactive thyroid and the medication being adjusted at this point. Thyroid levels are now spot on.
Last week whilst out for lunch with my in laws, as I agreed to order some dessert, father in law shoots a glance across the table to mother in law and conversation fell silent. Father in law has also previously tried to start a conversation whilst sitting down to dinner. It went like this...I sat down at the table joining them. He says 'So then, diet'. As if to start a conversation which no one continued (in hindsight I wish I had).

Am I being over sensitive here? I just think his view or input on my diet (which is healthy and balanced apart from the horror of me ordering a piece of fudge cake) is irrelevant. I want to tell him to buzz off and mind his manners as he clearly has some sort of 'as of yet' unshared view. Am I being harsh??

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LilyMcClellan Fri 06-Oct-17 04:44:02

It sounds like you are doing extremely well with your health management.

So far it seems like you've taken the perfect approach, which is to completely ignore any 'subtle' comments or pointed glances. You could either continue to do this until you've lost the small amount of extra weight (which it sounds like you'll do without many issues), or if FIL ever decides to say something directly, you can reply, "I'm quite happy with how I'm managing my weight, FIL. It's really none of your business."

Bobbiepin Fri 06-Oct-17 04:55:42

PP has it down. Its absolutely none of his business even if your pre pregnancy weight is super obese.

Next time start making comments about his balding/grey hair/beer gut etc.

Ploppie4 Fri 06-Oct-17 05:04:11

I had this with my ILs a couple of months after giving birth. They wanted me to leave half my takeaway portion for the next night. Yes it was huge portion but I was/am a slim size 10 and at the time breastfeeding.

Needalifeoverhaul Fri 06-Oct-17 05:18:32

I'd have called the waiter/waitress back over and ordered a piece if cheesecake too then proceeded to make lots of 'mmm' noises whilst scoffing both desserts noisy! That'd give him something to really get his knickers in a twist about smile Please totally ignore him op and his stupidly ignorant behaviour. You've lost the weight ( many would be extremely jealous) and a few extra pounds on you ATM is going to be needed for the energy involved in looking after a 3 month old ☺

J888 Fri 06-Oct-17 08:33:47

Thanks for the views guys - I literally have spent so much time (wasted time) thinking about this. I've no idea why people think that it's ok to comment upon and be so concerned about personal matters. I can only think that once you're a parent, your own parents in-laws etc have this in common and maybe this leads to familiarity which removes manners. I'm over thinking it again. Thanks again x

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