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Serious lack of willpower - advice?

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headintheproverbial Sun 01-Oct-17 16:53:13

Do you have any tips on how you have helped yourself stick to resolutions?

I'm 6 months post my second and last pregnancy. I've lost the baby weight from this time round, but sadly am still carrying an extra 10kgs from my first pregnancy 5 years ago!! I'm pretty horrified with the way I look, particularly in the stomach area. I'm tall and have gone from a slim looking 12 to a solid looking 16.

I've been doing 5:2 recently. It works well for me, I can fit it round my lifestyle etc etc. It should be easy for me to stick to it. But I'm just constantly falling off the wagon by just not doing my fast days. I also comfort eat (to combat stress and tiredness and feeling of drudgery).

Any tips? Would a slimming method with support group be better for me? I'm EBF'ing if it makes any difference!

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Speckledtulip Sun 01-Oct-17 17:26:06

Me too OP. I'm watching with interest.

I've tried various different strategies but to no avail. I'm rubbish at sticking to anything.

I need to see some immediate results or I get bored and give up.

Badgerlady Thu 05-Oct-17 17:13:29

There's an American self help 'guru' called Gretchen Rubin, who has four personality types (tendencies in her language) around motivation. She has an online quiz which you do to decide which one you are:

I think much of it is pop psychology, but it has helped me devise strategies to stick to my goals.

So if you are an obliger it can help to create external accountability - such as a thread on mumsnet - to make you stick to goals...

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