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Anyone interested in a super-extra-healthy October?

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wantawaistagain Thu 28-Sep-17 12:13:29

In Sept I started eating healthily and trying to get in some exercise and do 10000 steps most days. I did manage to drop 3lbs but I definitely wouldn't say I was the most organized or motivated about it-especially the exercise bit.
I'm on one of the Christmas weight loss threads but I thought I'd start this one too and see if anyone is interested in giving it 100% for October.

onemouseplace Thu 28-Sep-17 12:29:50

Yes! Yes! Yes! I have a big birthday at the end of October and I have been saying for months years that I refuse to be fat and X age!

Yet here we are, with a month to go hmm

I can do it, I just need to focus and be motivated.

silverking Thu 28-Sep-17 14:08:03

Yes it would love to join. I've been threatening to lose weight for about five years and keep failing!

I weighed myself this morning and I weigh in at 10'10. I am not very tall and I do not carry the extra weight well. I would be extremely happy to get back to 9 stone. I look like a barrel, most of the fat is on my belly and back.

I guess my plan is to stop eating junk, I am a addicted to sugar. I have just finished work and I haven't eaten yet today, I was just thinking about biscuits with a cup of tea but now I am going to make a more sensible food choice.

SoapyChoc Thu 28-Sep-17 14:10:33

I'm in. I need to focus again properly. Will try and get my 8k steps every day or at least 6 out of 7. Also pledging to track all my food too.

RunningOutOfCharge Thu 28-Sep-17 14:12:53

Yes I will!!

I joined SW last October and have slowly lost just under 3 stone over the year

About 1 1/2 stone to go now

I’m also half marathon training so trying to find my running mojo again

I’m a mum of 5 and work full time. I’m rubbish at weightloss though ... so slow!

silverking Thu 28-Sep-17 14:25:49

Thanks wantawaist. Because of this thread I've just chosen to eat a healthy bowl of tuna with rocket and cucumber. I was planning on a packet of Jaffa cakes grin

silverking Thu 28-Sep-17 14:26:41

Running 3 stone is amazing, you should be very proud of yourself.

MancMum01 Thu 28-Sep-17 14:27:09

'I am in - want to drop 7lb by the end of October .. weight training 3x week and walking 10K steps, 1400 calories .. on paper sounds so easy!!

onemouseplace Thu 28-Sep-17 14:52:43

silverking I've turned into a barrel as well - I had an hourglass figure for years, right up until I fell pregnant with DC3, and since she was born I've carried all my weight on my waist and back, I suspect a combination of age and a vicious sweet tooth!

I am aiming to give up snacks, do my 10k steps a day, dynamic yoga 2-3 times a week and no booze Mon - Thurs.

silverking Thu 28-Sep-17 14:58:41

One how much weight do you need to shift?

onemouseplace Thu 28-Sep-17 15:06:36

I'd like to lose 7 lbs in the month, mainly because I think that is achievable.

#I need to lose a stone to get back to a healthy rather than overweight BMI, and I would love to ultimately get down to 10' 13 (I'm quite tall) as I sat at that weight for years before I had children and it seemed my natural weight.

BusterTheBulldog Thu 28-Sep-17 15:12:01

Me! Me please!

wantawaistagain Thu 28-Sep-17 15:14:37

Thanks everyone who replied-I went for a walk and it was nice to log back in and see that the thread had got going. I am also a barrel- all my weight is around the middle. I'm 10' 1'' and I'd like to be 9'7'' for Christmas. I'm very short and I haven't been under 10 stone for a loooooong time so I'm not sure what my ideal weight is at this age.

RunningOutOfCharge Thu 28-Sep-17 21:33:00

i'm not sure what mine is really either

i'll see how i go i think

BusterTheBulldog Fri 29-Sep-17 08:51:23

I am about 11st 3 and my ideal weight is around 10. After joining this thread I caught a glimpse of myself In a different mirror-not good!

I did insanity and pump at gym last night and had cereal for breakfast-not ideal I know, but better than the chocolate bar or biscuits I would normally have!

violetmartini Fri 29-Sep-17 09:21:08

Can I join?! I'm ashamed to say I've put on 10lbs in three months (I blame a change in contraceptive pill...) and really need to get my motivation back. I was happy with my weight before the gain, so would love to lose those 10lbs. Aiming to lose around 5lbs in October and hoping the rest will fall off after....

humanfemale Fri 29-Sep-17 10:49:44

Me! I'm recovering from an operation and can't really exercise for the whole of October, so hoping at least to stick to a very healthy diet. Definitely up for joining you guys.

silverking Fri 29-Sep-17 12:12:21

Get well soon human. I hope that you recover quickly.

Waves to Violet.

millifiori Fri 29-Sep-17 13:10:50

Yes please. I want to do SoberOctober or whatever it's called anyway, and I need to lose weight.

RedPandaMama Fri 29-Sep-17 13:12:22

I'd like to join! DD is 6 weeks old now and I feel ready to start doing some light exercise and eating better again. Til now it's been all day grazing on cereal and chocolate and im the heaviest I've ever been sad let's do it!

RunningOutOfCharge Fri 29-Sep-17 13:59:42

Just ran to my SW weigh in....last day of week 5 on c25k app

It was horrible! 20 mins of running and I couldn’t do it!! Well, I could because I did, but I hated every minute

And got heckled at and whistled at by builders! Which annoyed me even more

So I came home ( lost 3lbs at sw this week) and ate toast! hmm

humanfemale Fri 29-Sep-17 16:09:22

Thank you, silverking smile Two weeks post op and already feeling so much better. But l'm not allowed to do any exercise except walking for another 5-6 weeks...

Despite a five hour car journey today (in which I'd normally eat my own body weight in crackers and sweets) I managed to stick to carrot sticks, homous and sparkling water. Feeling motivated and a bit smug. Having baked potato, salad and egg mayonnaise for dinner later on.

Hope everyone else is having a good Friday smile

SoapyChoc Sun 01-Oct-17 09:02:01

Right 1st October. Starting weight 98.2 kg. Aiming to lose 3kg minimum over the month. What goals do you guys have?

Polkadotties Sun 01-Oct-17 09:07:26

I'm in. Going on holiday middle of November and I'm the biggest I've been in years.
I have PCOS and I'm insulin resistant

Biffybiffster Sun 01-Oct-17 09:09:40

I'm in, my healthy eating has gone out of the window and my portion sizes have increased so I think I've put on about 7lbs (not going to weigh myself) I think if I cut out sugary snacks and get my portion sizes under control I should lose the weight.

I have an afternoon tea style birthday party to attend this afternoon though! It will be a real test to resist the cakes!

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