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How to stop snacking!

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ProseccoMamam Thu 28-Sep-17 02:40:34

1 don't buy 'bad' snacks (by the sound of your post you don't snack on chocolate or crisps anyway)
2 give yourself a snacking limit of 2-3 snacks a day, and they each have to fit in the palm of your hand
3 before anything, if you feel hungry and fancy a snack between meals, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. If you are no longer hungry then that's good, your body mistook hunger for thirst. If you are still hungry then go ahead and have a snack because your body needs it smile

Firefries Thu 28-Sep-17 02:36:11

And stick to your calorie counting. That way you can still have little treats - like chocolate. Just account for it.

AdamBurns1 Thu 28-Sep-17 02:35:36

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Firefries Thu 28-Sep-17 02:34:52

Yes record everything and snack healthily. So eat carrots and celery and drink water. (It's a snack not a meal - eat well at your meals so you are not hungry.). I have had to learn this

gluteustothemaximus Thu 28-Sep-17 02:31:54

I record everything in my fitness pal. I found I stopped snacking as much when I realised how many calories was in crisps/chocolate/biscuits etc.

I set my target at 1500 calories a day, and that easily gets taken up with just breakfast, lunch and dinner, so no way did I want to 'waste' calories on snacks.

However, you can't ban everything. And treats cheer you up. So I would find low calorie treats to have. For example, a mini milk has about 30 calories in (I think) so that's great.

Drinking water helps. And not keeping the snacks in the house anymore definitely helps. Good luck x

AdamBurns1 Thu 28-Sep-17 01:54:38

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Chocolateyclaire76 Wed 27-Sep-17 13:53:59

I am really struggling to lose my post baby weight, after having 2 little ones, and my real demon is snacking.

I eat healthy, exercise a reasonable amount and know what's good / bad for me, but being a stay at home mum means the kitchen can be my enemy.

I don't snack unhealthy, but a 'recommended' serving of nuts soon becomes considerably more and that oatcake becomes 2, or 3 etc...., then there may be a piece of toast with honey..... I don't need the food, I'm not even hungry. I'm bored! Not bored with nothing to do, but bored of the mundane tasks, washing, tidying, cleaning etc...

Has anyone got any tried and tested snack preventing methods?!

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