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How do you deal with a gain after what you thought was a good week?

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WhooshYeah Wed 20-Sep-17 20:04:18

Week 10 of new healthy eating/living.
I had a really good week eating and exersize wise...
.... yet I gained a pound.
Can't blame any usual excuse of period or muscle mass....

When this happens to you how do you deal with it without thinking 'ah fuck it' and falling off the wagon?

I have been eating a healthy and balanced diet of 1600 calories with regular 5 mile walks. I've so far lost 14lb of the 28lb I need to lose.

Waaah why have I gained :-(

Copperspot Wed 20-Sep-17 20:08:53

I think sometimes it just happens for no reason tbh... i'm doing slimming world and have had the odd week where i've been perfectly on plan and either maintained or gained a pound.

I find it usually balances out with a decent loss the week after.

Don't give up! Remember you aren't just doing it for numbers on a scale. Its about being healthy and looking after your insides smile

bluesky Wed 20-Sep-17 20:11:01

Don't panic, I'm sure if you carry on as you are (which sounds brilliant!) you will get a nice surprise next week.

Some weeks it just doesn't make sense, but it evens itself out.

I must get myself out walking more, well done on 14lb!

TittyGolightly Wed 20-Sep-17 20:12:14

Weight loss isn't linear.

GotToGetMyFingerOut Wed 20-Sep-17 20:12:36

Are you weighing every day and taking a weekly average. You can't just weigh one day a week and think you will always see a loss. Even if you have lost fat.

SquareWord Wed 20-Sep-17 20:12:39

Did you take your measurements when you started? Sometimes you may find that you have lost centimetres even if the scales aren't telling you what you want. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll see a loss next week.

WhooshYeah Wed 20-Sep-17 20:24:34

Thank you for those replies smile

I weigh once a week at the same time of day.
I didn't take measurements (simply becuase I don't have a tape measure!)
I enjoy the long walks. Plus it's pushing a pushchair so bit of an arm workout.
It's just a bit disappointing when you expect a loss but have a gain!
I wouldn't mind if I'd have been feasting on cake and it was worth it!

True though- it's about being healthier rather than just weight loss x

paranoidpammywhammy2 Wed 20-Sep-17 20:41:39

I find my weight fluctuates with time of the month and whether I've recently been to the toilet.

OliviaD68 Wed 20-Sep-17 22:23:18

What is SW like? What foods do you eat?

GotToGetMyFingerOut Wed 20-Sep-17 22:25:32

You should look up Richie howey on facebook he has done a video on his page about why you should weigh everyday and take a weekly average and not just weigh once a week. It doesn't give you a true reflection of weight-loss.

Copperspot Thu 21-Sep-17 08:08:38


On sw i basically eat loads of fruit / veg / lean meat. Very little bread / dairy, and occasional treats.

Eg yesterday i had

B: porridge and a banana
L: massive salad with shredded chicken, yoghurt and apple
D: spaghetti bolognese (sw recipe) full of veg (toms, courgette, peppers, onions, grated carrot) with small amount of pasta and a large side salad

Treats were a jelly pot and two rich tea biscuits with a cuppa which came to 5 syns. You're allowed up to 15 syns a day.

If you are interested have a look on pinterest for recipes that's where i get most of mine. Or pinchofnom.

OliviaD68 Thu 21-Sep-17 09:03:49

Thanks Copperspot.

I've had a look and SW is not for me. I don't how it can work.

Loubilou09 Thu 21-Sep-17 22:55:48

It will just be water - you might have eaten something saltier than normal or it may get be hormones hanging onto a bit but if you have eaten right and exercised it won't be fat.

Women are so unpredictable due to hormones that a lot of gyms and personal trainers won't weigh women them and only go by inches lost.

Just relax

Twixes Thu 21-Sep-17 23:16:59

As previous posters have said I think you need to weigh yourself more than once a week. I've only come to this conclusion myself, I had been really good all last week and on my official weigh in day I had maintained, yet the day before my weigh in, I'd lost a lb.

This last week I've been weighing myself each day and I see fluctuations from day to day, but they're lower fluctuations if that makes any sense. I saw x stone 3 lbs for the first time today, whereas a few weeks ago I was up at x stone 6, 7, or 8. The hovering is getting lower!

IJustLostTheGame Mon 25-Sep-17 07:58:04

I feel your pain op.
Last week I lost almost two pounds on diet and exercise. I weighed myself today and I've put on a pound.
I did this a couple of weeks ago though and got a nice surprise on the 2lbs loss. I should be losing 1lb a week. So if I lose 2 lbs next week it will even out.
I think I lose my weight in chunks if you see what I mean.

LastOneDancing Mon 25-Sep-17 08:07:28

This is why scales are shit.
You had a good week, probably walked into the weigh-in feeling great & walked out demotivated & frustrated.
You could take a look at James Fell on Facebook - you might need to search but he posts a fair but about diets and why you won't always lose.

I do think weeks like this are where the line between successful and unsuccessful slimmers is drawn though. Will you use the gain as an excuse for a kit kat; or motivation to keep going? smile

You're doing brilliantly by the way - the last stone is always hardest.

PickAChew Mon 25-Sep-17 08:35:59

I can stay static for 2 or 3 weeks then lose a few pounds in one go. That's the way it works. Just the same as I can be not trying to lose weight, but my Wight vary by several pounds in achieving direction. Sometimes it's water retention, sometimes it's just a case of needing a good poo!

PickAChew Mon 25-Sep-17 08:37:16

And sometimes my phone translates perfectly coherent thoughts into utter nonsense!

Loopytiles Wed 27-Sep-17 16:37:15

Just carry on. Our bodies don't comply with linear weight loss wishes!

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